Sunday Morning Coffee

sunday morning coffee


I’ve cycled back to french roast and I’m enjoying it. My sweetener of choice these days is monk fruit. So far no one is telling me this will pickle my innards or give my children frog faces. I like it and think I’ll stick with it for a while.

  • Ginger Green Tonic — I made this, only I did it as a whole juice in the Blendtec and skipped the apple, adding a little agave nectar for sweetness instead. Usually I wouldn’t bother to add sweetness to something like this, but it needs it. Seriously. You’ve got to cut the bitterness and acidity. Yummy and I felt like my skin was thanking me for it.
  • I’ve also been making homemade V8 juice. I don’t boil mine though and straining it is optional if you’re using a good blender. The fiber is better for you anyway!
  • The Future Library project makes me want to cry. Because it’s wonderful and because I won’t be around to see these things. Leaving a note for a great-grandchild to check it out.
  • How one person escapes the work-from-home “pajama trap”
  • 24 indie magazines for travelers
  • Good advice for folks who are afraid of their own success
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Outlander on Picture Shows & Petticoats

Picture Shows & Petticoats

In case you missed it, I’ve been covering Outlander on Picture Shows & Petticoats with the help of my cousin Misti. The production is airing on Starz and there have been five episodes so far, each one better than the last in my opinion. There’s lots of buzz surrounding it and while most of the viewers right now (at least the ones I’ve connected with on Twitter or know in real life) seem to be book readers, I think it’s gaining momentum and may end up being a pretty popular show.

I’m still in the middle of the second book and it’s been a real chore to avoid spoilers after the most recent book release, but I’m managing. Book club reading is taking up a lot of my pleasure reading time, so the going has been slow. And honestly, I’m not totally invested in the second one like I was the first. The setting isn’t my favorite. Oh well. I’ll keep you updated on my progress there.

Are you watching? How are you liking it? Did you read the books?

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