Sunday Morning Coffee


*cough* A little too much pumpkin pie spice in the coffee this morning. I’ll soldier on. The morning is chilly and it’s officially fall. Mom and I are heading out to the final day of An Affair of the Heart a little later. It’s going to be a good day.

Things I’m Enjoying

  • Chicken Liver Pâté — I made this. Haven’t had pâté in years and I’d never made it before. The flavors were very bold, but I made some balsamic onions to go along with them and that pairing turned out very nicely.
  • I also made this Oxtail Soup with Red Wine and Root Vegetables. Very good.
  • In praise of the ‘quiet book’
  • Today on CBS Sunday Morning there was a piece on Jack the Ripper. Want to go on a tour, Jolene?
  • Will They or Won’t They?: The not-quite-romance of Eudora Welty and Ross MacDonald

    The letters remove Macdonald and Welty from the realm of abstraction, the stuff of stamps and textbooks, and present them as people you’d like to have at a dinner party: bright, funny, warm, and full of silliness. Reading the correspondence between Millar and Welty, you almost begin thinking of them as your friends—friends who should get together, already. And if they did, who knows? The letters may be littered with clues. After all, both writers enjoyed a good mystery.

  • It’s a pity. I misread the dates. This dollhouse exhibit at the V&A is already over.
  • 11 Ways to Love Goodreads Even More
  • In case you missed it — the Gilmore Girls are returning. I mean…is this real life? And while I’m excited, there are a few things I need to be sure about before jumping into this.

    I’ll leave you with this.

    (That phone scene. Now I need Peggy and Stan fanvids.)

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Blackout Poetry Mini-Challenge


You’ve made it to Hour 18 of Dewey’s Read-A-Thon! It’s the middle of the night where I live. The sun has been down for hours and I’ve been reading poetry all day.

It’s time for Blackout Poetry!

Your challenge is to create some blackout poetry and share it wherever your Read-A-Thon updates are (blog, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Goodreads, etc.). Use the #readathonblackout hashtag!

How do you make blackout poetry?

You will need some text on paper that you are comfortable using a marker on. It can be an old book, newspaper, magazine. Anything will work. Then you’re going to use a black marker (or another dark color if you don’t have black) to mark out most of the text, leaving a poem behind.

I think it helps if you take a good look at the words beforehand. Decide which ones in the text you like best and work around them. I made a teeny tiny poem to give you an idea.

A photo posted by Elizabeth (@elizabethmelle) on

A photo posted by Elizabeth (@elizabethmelle) on

Need more examples? Here you go.

To be eligible for the prize (3 PaperBackSwap credits OR volumes 17, 18, and 19 of The Walking Dead — your pick!):

  • Create your blackout poetry.
  • Take a photo of it and post it on your blog, Instagram, Twitter, wherever you like.
  • Leave a comment with your link!

This challenge will be open until the end of Read-A-Thon and a winner will be chosen at random.

Can’t wait to see your poems!

We have a winner!

readathon blackout poetry random number winner

#7 Madison Gordon

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Readathon! Fall 2015

It’s time for Dewey’s Read-A-Thon! I’m keeping track of my progress here and posting on Twitter (@ElizabethMelle, #readathon) whenever there is an update. This year I’m cheering with #TeamMagnolia, so look for their cheers floating around blogs and Twitter.

If you’re around during Hour 18, check out my mini-challenge!

Scroll down for mini-challenges!

Goals: Finish TEN titles and read 600 pages. I looked at my stack and I think 9 is a very doable number based on the books I plan to read, so 10 would be a nice challenge.

Pages read: 768
Titles finished during Read-A-Thon: 8

Walking Dead Volume #23 (FINISHED – 136pgs)
Averno by Louise Glück (FINISHED – 71pgs)
Walking Dead Volume #24 (FINISHED – 136pgs)
Alex + Ada (FINISHED – 128pgs)
Ekaterinoslav by Jane Yolen (FINISHED – 53pgs)
Everything We Miss by Luke Pearson (FINISHED – 38pgs)
Wait by C.K. Williams (FINISHED – 125pgs)
Break the Glass by Jean Valentine (FINISHED – 81pgs)
New and Selected Poems Volume 2 by Mary Oliver (25/175pgs)


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