Readers: How do you approach a readathon?

I have been wondering how other people go into readathons. So far I have only taken part in one official readathon with a group and then one by myself, but when I see other people gearing up for a weekend of reading most of them take a pile of books in. Me, well, I have brought in an average of 3 pretty long novels to either finish or read from start to finish that day.

Maybe it’s because I can’t get into more than 2 or 3 books at one time. I used to, but nowadays I start getting them really mixed up.

And the snacks. What do you snack on? I haven’t found anything that’s been a good standby to have on hand. I try not to eat a lot of carbs and that can be difficult when it comes to quick snacks.

Drinks. What do you drink? I’ve been started the day off with my normal 1-2 cups of coffee, followed by a variety of herbal tea throughout the day, and water. Occasionally I’ll change it up a little with a Diet Dr. Pepper. I know that’s Ronnica approved.

So, how do you approach a readathon?

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  1. OF COURSE Diet Dr Pepper is Ronnica approved. =)

    I try to have easy to make meals (which, granted, most of the ones I make are because I’m lazy) that I can prepare in 5 minutes or so. Also junk of the sweet and salty carb variety. As far as drinks, I’m more of a water drinker anyway (yes, seriously) other than my once daily sweet nectar (may do another in the afternoon, tomorrow). Since I’m trying to kick this junk, I’ll probably be drinking a lot of water since I’ll be home (will also keep me awake). The key for me is lighter bits of food spread out more often to combat the munchies!

  2. I also have the same snack problem. All my favourite snacks are of the yummy but not healthy variety. To combat this, my brain works in an interesting way. It likes to think that if I eat an unhealthy thing, if I chase it with a healthy thing, then it’s like I never ate the ‘bad’ think. For example, one candy bar is equal to one carrot. They are of similar size and take the same amount of time to eat. Therefore, if I eat a candy bar, then later on I eat a carrot; the carrot cancels out the candy bar. Feel free to take that theory and run with it 🙂

    Or maybe you could pre-prepare raw vegetables and put them in tupperware. That way, they’re on hand for when you need something to eat.

    Ooh, popcorn is (somewhat) healthy, right?? That might be something to try.

  3. I love love love your comments skins. They are adorable with all of the stars on them and love the pink comment box. Seriously adorable.

    With read-a-thons, I try to read short-ish books. I give myself a $15 budget for snacks at the grocery store the night before, and whatever sounds good is what I get. Last night I bought almonds, malted milk balls, ice cream sandwiches, gummi worms, saltines, popcorn (in both butter and kettle flavors), carrot sticks, and lifesavers. I drink Sobes and a lot of water. Oh, and today since I’m fighting an illness, I have cough drops at the ready. I already dug into them!

    Good luck with the read-a-thon! You’ll rock it :o)

  4. Fruit is good if you don’t want to have to many snacky foods. I’m laughing at Laura’s justification of one bad followed by one good cancels the bad one. I think I’m going to follow that theory too! Of course no read-a-thon is complete without some chocolate! 😉
    Happy reading!

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