Read. Read. Readathon.


Today I am participating in Bethany’s Read. Read. Readathon. You can find out more here. Not too late to jump in!

It’s 11:31 and I’m starting off with Sarum. Maybe I’ll finish it today? We’ll see.

12:31 pm – I do not recommend reading books with tiny print for a readathon. It makes your reading totals look dismal. Taking a quick break for some laundry and to grab some lunch.

2:12 pmSarum was just not holding my attention for any length of time and the 8pt font wasn’t helping either. So I started a new book. No Country For Old Men. It’s been in my “to read” pile for a while and now I’m going after it. LOVE. IT. Fast paced and such great writing.

6:20 pm – So…I took a nap. Back to reading though! I’ve knocked out 110 pages of No Country For Old Men. Can’t wait to see the movie now.

7:28 pm – Reading in the bathtub. It’s the way to go. Oh, and I had some chocolate Malt-o-Meal earlier. I love that stuff. It’s like hot chocolate in a bowl. That you eat.

10:40 pm – I am turning in for the night. It’s been so much fun meeting and interacting with all the bloggers participating today. There are so many blogs I have added to my feed reader today and I just can’t wait to do this again! Goodnight, all!

Time spent reading: 260 mins
Total pages: 240 pages

Taking part in I Heart Monster’s Breaktime Shindig. I typed “Sindig” on accident, but fixed it. That’s a totally different thing.

  1. Lose Your Cred – I love the colors she uses on her blog! They make my heart smile. What a bright, cheery place.
  2. This Bookshelves of Doom lady? Hilarious. I mean, you can kinda gather that from the header. But yeah, I think she’s really funny.
  3. Okay, Emily says that we don’t have to take her too seriously, but there is just something about the header at Seriously Reading that makes me feel like I should. I’m loving the header. The red is so striking against the black and white. Hey, Emily? I don’t have anyone to talk books with either. Glad we both have outlets for that!
  4. tuulenhaiven has some awfully serene colors going on over at her blog. I love it.
  5. Brown Girl has got some clean lines going on and I LOVE clean lines. A sucker for them even.

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  1. For the last read-a-thon I read mostly YA books which are all printed in, I swear to you, 80 pt. font. Also, most of them are around 250 pages. I felt like a Reading Champion.

  2. I based my header on my favorite designer’s work (Barbara Kruger) — so glad I have someone new to talk books with! Enjoy the rest of your readathon!

  3. Thanks for the link-love! Hope you’re still going strong. I’ve discovered that tiny print is also no good for late night reading – it all blurs together…! 🙂

  4. Congratulations, you did great! I’ve had No Country for Old Men on my stack for a while, so I’m glad to hear you’re really enjoying it. I hope you’re having sweet dreams! 🙂

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