Blackberry Pickin’: Stuff You Need To Know

blackberries & wildflowers

There are a few things you need to be prepared for whenever you head out to pick blackberries. And since now is the time to be plucking those delicious dark fruits, I thought I’d share a few tips with you.

1. Silly hats, long sleeves, and long pants are a requirement. Chiggers, yellow jackets, spiders, little wormy bugs, and just about every critter you’d like to stay away from loves blackberries. And it’s gonna get hot out there so protect your head, face, and neck with a floppy hat. Or in my case a hat that is one size too small and makes me look like I belong to a back-to-basics religious community.

I have a big head.

No, not in a conceited way. In a “no-hat-ever-fits-my-head” way.

me & mom, looking goofy

2. While you’re at it, spray yourself down with some OFF!

3. Wear decent shoes. You’re likely going to have gravel roads and definitely some briars and brambles to make your way through.

gravel road


4. Make sure you have a good container to hold your berries. We like to use Rubbermaid containers that we fill with water as soon as we get back home. It’s good to rinse out all the sticks, leaves, ants, and little worms that might have made their way into your spoils.

mom picking blackberries
5. Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the view. Blackberries are often found off the beaten path and this time of year there are tons of wildflowers blooming in Oklahoma. Be sure to take a moment to treasure the beauty that’s around you.


blackberries & wildflowers

I find a lot of beauty in old barns. Blame it on my roots, I don’t mind.

6. Remember — all this sweet goodness comes at a price. You’re gonna get scraped, scratched, poked, and pierced. You may even be picking out the stickers days later (I was and always am).

(after a while, it’s hard to tell where the blackberry juice ends and the blood begins — yuck.)

But in the end, it’s worth it.

blackberry cobbler

5 Replies to “Blackberry Pickin’: Stuff You Need To Know”

  1. Not to make you jealous, but I have already picked 2 1/2 gallons, made cobbler, juiced 2 gallons for jelly, made 10 half pints of jelly, froze half the juice for the second batch and this is on the side of the road patches of blackberries. I have a buddy who bushhogs around his so we can get to them. three of the medium size patches are 40 feet long and at least 5 foot across and there are three of those. Then we have a bunch down by my tree stand and they have BIG berries. I am so excited to be picking this year. I am going to have a ton between freezing and making jelly. Our favorite jelly is blackberry so I will have to make alot. Do you have anyother recipes for blackberries? The cobbler that I made was AH-MAZ-ING….

  2. We’ve been running into raspberries up here. They are so delicious! Blackberries, not as much…but the blueberries…they are heaven!

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