Getting ready for Read-A-Thon

The books are stacked. The cabinet is full of snacks. I’ve got things ready for my mini-challenge (one of the first ones, so drop by early in the morning on Saturday to join in). And for the first time, I’m going to attempt a full 24 hours. In the past I think I’ve aimed for maybe 12 and usually end up around that much or a little over. The thing is, I have church the next morning so I end up going to bed instead of staying up overnight.

So I’m doing things a little differently. I will be starting sometime on Friday evening (hour TBD), reading through the night and into the morning, possibly grabbing a nap around 10am CST, and continuing on with the Read-A-Thon into the evening. Then, of course, I’ll be tuning in on Sunday morning to cheer on the people who have been awake for more than 24 hours at this point.

Since I’ve never done the full amount of time before, I really have no idea what those last few hours are going to be like. Possibly like the time my dad decided we were going to drive straight through from Oklahoma to Las Vegas in one day and I was so afraid that I was going to die in a fiery crash in the middle of the Nevada desert that I wouldn’t go to sleep. This fear did have some basis — I was the last person in the vehicle who was awake other than the driver and it was 2am. There’s usually some reason behind my seemingly insane decisions.

Anyway, here are my books!

my Read-A-Thon stack

I’ll go into more detail about why I chose them and explain why there are so many of them later!

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  1. That’s what my stack of books to read looks like and I’m not even during a read-a-thon… maybe I can during Christmas or Summer break. 🙂

    1. I can’t begin to count the books in my TBR pile. They’re scattered throughout our shelves. And I guess I’ve never shown that on here, but we have 2 and 1/2 walls dedicated to book shelves in our study. It’s out of hand.

  2. Wow, you must read a lot faster than I ever thought I could! I love to read but reading has gone to the backburner these days.

    1. I planned on addressing the size of the stack in my next post 🙂 I have no intention of reading or even touching all of those. The point is to have something available for whatever mood may strike. And I’ll be reading in the study, so the chances of me just grabbing something from the shelf are pretty high as well.

      I’m a voracious reader, but not anything like what I used to be. In the future I hope to make more time for it.

  3. I love to read, but with 3 teens and a toddler I rarely have time. cool, I am planning to read Maggie S. – Shiver also! She is a fellow artist I knew before she was published, she used to sell art on ebay.

    1. Shiver is a reread for me. I wanted to give myself a refresher before starting Linger. I prefer her writing SO MUCH over that of Stephenie Meyer.

  4. I love Maggie Stiefvater’s books! About halfway through Life of Pi right now…not sure if I’ll make it through that one.

    1. I really enjoy her writing as well.

      Life of Pi is slow going at the start. I’m hoping to get into it a little more before Saturday. If I’m not, it’s likely I won’t be reading it much during those 24 hours.

  5. I’ve never attempted 24 hours in a ROW (maybe with the spring one?). I’ve thought about doing it like you are, but I was afraid I couldn’t stay up during the day if I stayed up the night before, you know? I do plan on reading Friday evening though, before getting a good night’s rest, and then reading all day Saturday.

    Love Life of Pi!

    1. I think I’ll schedule my nap so that I get a decent amount of sleep (I do best with 5 hours) right before my mini-challenge starts. It’s one of the first of the day.

  6. I (literally) can not stay up overnight. I am too weak. Far too weak.

    So no read-a-thon for me. But maybe I can, ahem, write for a good amount of time. Would that kind of count? And then (hopefully) you can add my novel to your stack of books.

    1. Honestly? I haven’t done it since I finished college. Some of those all-nighters messed me up — bad. It’s definitely not something I can do often, but I’m going to give it a shot for this.

  7. GREAT SELECTION! I personally love LOVE THAT DOG! What a great book.

    I was thinking of adding some of my YA and children’s books to the stack… And maybe a mystery/crime novel for when the reading gets difficult.

    EXCITED! To do my first Read-a-thon. I think I am going to start EARLY on Saturday. There are some things I have to do during the day – so it’s going to be here and there w/ recaps.

  8. i do want to read shiver..i have heard good things about it!
    i don’t think i could stay up 24 hours to read..but i do like to read before i go to bed.

  9. I am thinking about doing a read-a-thon, too, but not 24 hours. That is, if we don’t go to NYC Sunday. Otherwise, I am going to go to church & spend the day reading!!

  10. SO awesome! I love to read…I just wish I had more time for recreational reading. So busy with school these days…I need to do a read-a-thon with the new Stephen King book I got the other day.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope you don’t mind if I add you to my blogroll.

    Happy Almost Thursday!

  11. Wow! I’m excited to hear how this goes for you. It’s so hard for me to read for long periods of time. I work full time on the computer, then I come home and blog, I have such horrible eye fatigue, I nod off in no time! I get through them but it’s slow. I have more books than I can read before I die! Let me know what you think of Shiver, I almost bought that last week.

  12. i remember liking my antonia. i liked chrysanthemums a LOT better, though. cather’s a pretty good author.

    i need to get on my own reading quest. i was gonna start it months ago. reading one hundred banned books, and writing a one-hundred word review of each of them for my blog. such a grand challenge. i haven’t read one yet. i started bridge to terabithia a while back. checked it out from the library, several weeks before i went to europe. got halfway through, then had to turn it back in. i keep meaning to get going on this. mayhaps i will have my own reading marathon this weekend.

    good luck with yours!

  13. oh!!! and i checked your reading challenge list. you don’t have a title for eighteen sixty-four or five. charles dickens’ our mutual friend is FANTASTIC. a mammoth, for sure. it took me two months to read it. would’ve been longer had i chosen to read it on my own, but it was required for a class, so i had a professor pushing me to finish it. but i wasn’t so hard, really, to read it. i fell in love with it the first day we opened it up in class. it’s long. it’s heavy. it can be dull at times, but every detail, especially those in the more tedious chapters, has some great relevance to the story. and you’re gonna LOVE eugene and lizzie. i swear. they are my favorite literary couple ever.

  14. Wow! I think that for me, I would be doing well to just put one book on my list of books to be read. It seems that I’ve been failing at reading lately.

    Good luck!

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