50 of My Favorite Films — 15-11

15. Cat On a Hot Tin Roof
Maggie, we’re through with lies and liars in this house. Lock the door.

My grandmother introduced me to this movie a few years back and I fell in love with it. It’s all about the south and relationships and alcohol and the way the hot summer sun makes people do and say things that are just a little bit crazy. There is family drama…but of course there is because we are talking about The South.

There’s Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor and that combo is dynamite. One year I was thinking about dressing as Maggie the Cat for Halloween but then thought maybe I shouldn’t run around in a slip in mixed company because I am not your typical girl when it comes to Halloween costumes.

SQUIRREL! I just remembered where I first saw this pose and it was in Lorrie Morgan’s music video for “Go Away”…which I saw long before I was introduced to this movie.

She pulls it off better than I did in 1991.

Yes, that is me playing dress up in a negligee. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — I was indulged FAR too often. When you are the oldest and the only girl it comes with the territory. Moving on.

14. Dirty Dancing
That was the summer of 1963 – when everybody called me Baby, and it didn’t occur to me to mind. That was before President Kennedy was shot, before the Beatles came, when I couldn’t wait to join the Peace Corps, and I thought I’d never find a guy as great as my dad. That was the summer we went to Kellerman’s.

(I couldn’t find ANY good clips of Dirty Dancing that are embeddable)

When I was in 5th grade I went to my friend Jennifer’s house for a sleepover and I watched this, thinking I was being a real rebel. Instead I just fell in love with it. Something about it spoke to the part of me that felt so oppressed by my family (yawn)…the same part of me that was so touched by The Little Mermaid.

And back then my mom and Jennifer Grey totally looked alike.

It’s the dancing and Patrick Swayze and that scene in the water and “She’s Like the Wind”. The whole thing captures what I always think of as an innocent time in our history, when in reality there were serious things going on back then just like there are now. You definitely see it in this film.

A few years ago I dragged Heather along with me for the 20th anniversary showing in a theater nearby. GOOD DECISION. I don’t go see movies in the theater very often because they usually aren’t worth it. Seeing this on the big screen for the first time was amazing. Movies take on a new life at that level. I’m so glad I saw it.


13. The Age of Innocence
Newland. You couldn’t be happy if it meant being cruel. If we act any other way I’ll be making you act against what I love in you most. And I can’t go back to that way of thinking. Don’t you see? I can’t love you unless I give you up.

The following clip is in Spanish, but it’s my favorite scene so I had to include it.

Let me come right out and say it — I have an inexplicable crush on Daniel Day-Lewis. It’s probably his performance in The Crucible that brought it on in junior high and it lingers to this day. This movie is spectacular. It’s a period piece and for the most part I have kept those off of this countdown because I could have an entirely different one for all the period dramas that I like. But the story here is what I love. Two people fall in love and it’s too late. Society says she’s an outcast and he’s already engaged to her cousin. It’s a tragedy. The parties, the food, the setting are all beautiful and if you haven’t seen this one then DO IT.


12. St.  Elmo’s Fire
No diet works. The only way to lose weight in the thighs is amputation.

Love is an illusion.
It’s the only illusion that counts, my friend.

Take your Breakfast Club and your Sixteen Candles — give me St. Elmo’s Fire. Once again I think this was a right place, right time kinda thing. I saw it in the middle of college and I just…got it. It’s about life after college and how your circle of friends changes. Nothing stays the same after college no matter how comfortable those four (or five or six 🙂 ) years were for you.

I love the music because it reminds me of 1989 when I was 5 and things were simple and didn’t have to go to school yet. And I really identify with Wendy in this movie. And Rob Lowe plays his sax all the time. The end.


11. Mermaids
Charlotte, I know you’re planning a celibate life, but with half my chromosomes, I think that might be tough.

Cher, Winona Ryder, and Christina Ricci. BINGO. Love all three of them. Winona Ryder’s fascination with becoming a nun and her confusion about how a person actually gets pregnant reminds me a little of myself at a young age only not on the latter part. All I wanted was to be a nun (and like the mother in this film did, mine informed me that I wasn’t Catholic so the discussion stopped right there. But let’s go ahead and say it — I would have made a FINE nun.) This movie is FUN. I like to watch it on rainy days for some reason.

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