Listening Lately

My music listening happens in spurts. A mood will strike me and I’ll be stuck on one thing for a while. It’s sometimes based on what I’m reading or watching at the time (yes, occasionally I’ll have a reading playlist), but mostly the music I listen to is stuff that I happen upon. Like when I’m shopping and I hear some lyrics that make me stop and then I have to save them on Evernote so I’ll remember to Google them when I get home (happens more often than you might think).

Here are just a few gems I’ve been listening to lately. And some rambling.

EEE! So excited because we’ll be seeing Lady Antebellum in April with Darius Rucker and Thompson Square. Particularly excited about Darius Rucker because I have loved him since…

(So maybe I was 10. When I was a “tween” I listened to this. I don’t even think there was a Bieber-like alternative. Except maybe that Kids Bop stuff.)

…and this:

Gah. I spent a good chunk of my sophomore year of college crying silently while listening to this song.

Dear Darius, You have always been on the list of people that I intend to sing a duet with. Maybe someday whenever I get over my intense stage fright and fear of being laughed at, I’ll give you a call.