Weekends and Butterflies and Pretty Dresses

I spent Saturday with my mom, one of my favorite things to do. On a typical Saturday when she comes up to visit we head over to the local farmers’ market. This past weekend was our first trip of the season and it was a lovely, warm day. Well, kinda hot. I’m not acclimated to the warmer temps yet (it always takes me a while) so it was a little bit uncomfortable for me.


Mom bought a few gallons of plants and I hauled them around the market for her, but didn’t buy any for myself this time. Before I buy anything else I am going to try to get my other flower bed cleaned out and ready for plants. I was inspired this weekend to plant a bed exclusively full of plants native to Oklahoma. There’s a stand at the market that sells only natives and beneficials and it’s been something I’ve wanted to try for a long time anyway. I’ll post updates here and try to get you a few before and after photos. And maybe some in the middle ones, though I tend to forget those.


The master garden was in full bloom this weekend and their butterfly beds were attracting all kinds of pollinators. This year in my own beds I have tried to plant things to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. So far I have only seen one hummingbird at my feeder, but it’s one more than I have had in the 7 years I’ve lived in this house 🙂 Such a change from my parents’ house, where hummingbirds tend to swarm.


We did a little shopping on Saturday as well and I found some cute dresses for summer. It’s so nice to be wearing light, bright clothing again.


My hair has gotten really, really long. Longer than it’s been at any other point in my life. About once every two weeks or so I toy with the idea of cutting it off somewhere around shoulder length, but then I realize how much I love it. When I’m sitting the ends touch my waistband in the back. I can twist it up, pull it back, pull it half up, curl it, straighten it (I never do that, but hey, options). So I think I’ll let it go. I have started pulling out the grays and according to my mom I’m going to have two grow back for every one that I pull out, so I should be easy to spot in a crowd soon.

4 Replies to “Weekends and Butterflies and Pretty Dresses”

  1. I have never had a green thumb! I’ve given up, moved on to other things…lol. I am loving the pictures of the butterflies!

  2. The butterflies are so amazing this year! When we lived in Blanchard our first year of marriage the hummingbirds were EVERYWHERE. I would have them swarm my feeders, it was so much fun. Now we live on a great big hill, and they don’t much care for the wind, but I do have a few that come around. They are my favorite.
    Your hair is GORGEOUS! I’m growing mine out, and loving it. It’s been a while since it’s been long, thanks to that dreaded Mom-hair and all. 😉

  3. My thumb is green on opposite day! It also doesn’t help that all things green just bake with the Florida sun. (Or that’s just another excuse for my lack of watering.) Your long hair is beautiful! Now if I can just get my curls to get the memo that they don’t need to be wound so tightly, my hair might actually look longer than it appears to be. Still hoping for the day when my hair touches my waist…. 🙂

  4. It was hard for me to cut my hair after the Florida Trail; it was so long. But, I love having it short again, it almost needs a trim soon.

    Pretty dress! I need more dresses but I don’t feel comfortable in them. I’m doing good with skirts right now.

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