Today I did my first ever senior photo shoot for my baby cousin. Only she’s not a baby because I watched her DRIVE AWAY FROM GRANNY AND PAW PAW’S HOUSE. And then my universe did some sort of weird black hole collapsing thing. How is that even possible?!

No spoilers on the senior photos, though I expect I’ll share some of them eventually. The day was really cloudy so it was sort of pointless that I pulled everyone out of bed before dawn before this thing (but I gave myself the worst punishment because I live an hour away and had to be up at FOUR FORTY-FIVE). There was no “golden hour” to be had today. Sigh. But clouds make for pretty portraits and we got a lot accomplished. Four hundred and seventeen to be exact. Whew. I have got my work cut out for me.

We had a really fun day with only a few dramatic moments (a skunk barreling toward us, no big deal) and a forlorn barn cat tagging along and begging to be a part of the show.

barn cat

P.S., Yes, I have been taking some kind of unplanned break for a while now. I don’t know what it’s about and I don’t know how long it will last, but for some reason I just haven’t had the energy or will to sit down and write something here in a while. It’s weird. Hopefully the fog will lift soon and I’ll be back more regularly. I’m going to stop now though because the first rule of blogging is “Never blog about not blogging.” So…bye 🙂

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  1. I think overcast weather makes the best portrait lighting. So flattering on all skin types! Never blog about not blogging, ha! I think I do that in each of my once a month blog posts. I don’t know what my deal is, either. I used to think about wanting to blog, and ideas, but never had the energy to write them down. Now I don’t even think about blogging. I think I’m a lost cause….

    Anywho. I’m going to go to the fair sometime next week (as soon as we get over the plague) and I’m lookin’ for your photography!

    1. Oh no! Do you have the tummy plague? That’s going around right now. I have family with it. My eye is healing (VERY impressed with the results of the olive leaf extract), but I am having a hard time getting past some cold/allergy stuff. It’s on my agenda to make more elderberry syrup.

      I hope you enjoy the fair! We had a really good time. The Creative Arts building is full of some really great stuff this year. Some of the costumes people made are incredible (a full-size Yoda and an enormous Elizabethan gown).

      My stuff is with the photos in City Arts Center. My photos that ribboned are in the Pets and Nighttime/Twilight categories. I had other entries in Floral, Scenic & Landscape, Nature & Wildlife, and Computer Enhanced. The last one was a last minute random entry that I wasn’t happy with, and I noticed that it now has a huge smudge on it that happened after I turned it in :/ Oh well. I’m happy with the results especially since this was my first time entering!

  2. That barn kitty is just about the most precious thing I’ve seen today. 🙂
    Sometimes overcast days are a good challenge when shooting. I find they also lend to a different (not necessarily bad) vibe to the pictures, which can be a nice change of pace. Can’t wait to see them!

  3. Elizabeth, it’s a sign of the high regard your baby cousin has in you (and your photography skills) to entrust her senior picture to you. Will watch for your results post!

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