{in pictures} It’s the End of the Summer

range round-up

Technically it was the end a few days ago, but I spent the first day of autumn in Virginia and North Carolina for my husband’s grandfather’s wedding. I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow. I’ve let my photos stack up this summer instead of sharing them with you as it all happened, so here I am playing catch up. This is just a sampling, but I think it gives you a nice look at some of the highlights of the past season.

mamatus clouds


four o'clocks

brother feeding fish

catfish feasting

sunset in Pernell



Pops 66


sunny day on the prairie
The heat index on this day was literally 115 degrees.

bull riding

jolene's reaction to bullriding
Jolene squealed every time it looked like a rider was in trouble. She’s silly.

chickasaw national recreation area




range round-up

At the Range Round-Up with Ree and Julie, watching Marlboro Man and the other fellas in one of their team events.

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  1. 1. I can’t believe the difference in how the pond looked when we visited. WOW.
    2. The photo you took in Katie – AMAZING. Your’s is so much better than mine. And the one from Pops is awesome too. I want a camera like yours.
    3. I don’t even remember you taking the picture of me reading the map. Was that when we were at the swimming hole?
    4. I like your watermark – very elegant looking 🙂

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