Friday List

  • The weather has turned cool and I LOVE it.
  • I’m getting the itch to dye my hair again (dark), but I think I will wait until after Thanksgiving at least since that’s when we’ll be taking Christmas photos. Best to not make any drastic changes that will be memorialized.
  • I know it probably means that all hope is lost, but I’ve always been a pretty easy sell (especially when it comes to jewelry) — this commercial does it for me:
  • I’ve thought of something new to count down for you guys and I know it’s probably going to be more exciting for me than for you so I don’t want you to get your hopes up too much, plus it’ll probably take me another month to finish the list — oh well, I’ll tell you. I’m going to count down my favorite musical numbers from musicals! It should fill your Broadway-loving hearts with joy. I’m going to be fairly loose with the rules on this one. Included will be actual musicals (of course), movie musicals, and animated movies that rely on music to do a lot of the storytelling. So, Disney movies? Totally up for grabs here. I can’t wait!
  • Also, I think this year I will share my favorite non-traditional Christmas/holiday songs. When I did the 12 Days of Christmas Hymns I enjoyed it and I think some of you did as well. Exciting!
  • Tonight is the second round of football playoffs and my high school alma mater is playing again so I’ll be heading down there tonight. Go Badgers!
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  1. I can’t help but love jewelry commercials, even though I’m not a jewelry type of gal! They sure do a great job at marketing!

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