Sunday Morning Coffee

It is with great sadness that I inform you — Mr. Coffee died this week. He’s not totally dead, but I’m thinking that leaking water out of a rusty hole on the bottom of the machine isn’t very safe, so we’re done. Maybe I’m ridiculous, but I take my coffee makers pretty seriously. (Craig Ferguson hasn’t worked properly in a long time. He still sits on the cabinet, but I haven’t attempted to make coffee with him in months.) Losing Mr. Coffee is a big deal for me. I received him as a gift from my aunt when I graduated from high school, toted him to the dorms with me, was cited by the University of Oklahoma Housing & Food Services for having a “hot plate” inside a dorm room, fought that, won, and now EVERYONE can have a coffee maker in their room. (Or was it the opposite and they specifically said no coffee makers? Heather, I need your help.) He’s been working hard for almost 10 years now and I’m going to miss him.

Don’t worry too much, I bought one of his offspring online.

So, it is tea for me until my new Mr. Coffee arrives. Double Bergamot Earl Grey from Stash Teas is my favorite when I’m looking for something with caffeine in the mornings.

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4 Responses to Sunday Morning Coffee

  1. This made me smile. :) Coffee makers are very dear things. When my husband and I lived in Haiti, we made our coffee with a paper towel over a mug…

  2. jolene says:

    Loved the yogamazing video. I really need to get a smart phone so I can download this podcast and take it with me. And that is a fascinating article on adolescence. I need to sit and read it again. I think it may help me with a case I have to make tomorrow at school. Thanks for your Sunday morning coffee – or tea!

  3. Urban Wife says:

    The day a coffee maker dies is a sad one indeed.

    I throughly enjoyed the article about high school. Fascinating!

  4. My condolences on Mr. Coffee’s demise. :( May his replacement serve you as faithfully.

    FYI, Hunter Angler Gardener Cook also has a fabulous recipe for Shrimp Etouffee. :) (Had to end on a happy note.)

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