Sunday Morning Coffee

Good morning! I am working away, finishing up my first freelance project. Exciting, isn’t it? I wrote a proposal on a whim and landed a little weekend project to complete for a company. Coffee in hand, here I go! (You all can enjoy the following while I work.)

  • The Dichotomy of Too Much and Not Enough by Christie Inge — “The answers I’ve been getting back have been a bit hard for my mind to wrap around. My truth has been laid before me and my heart knows that it is time to step into something greater. I’ve been running into an undeniable resistance — the kind that feels paralyzing.”
  • Kim talks about Bliss Lists
  • Elizabeth Gilbert Takes On Philip Roth — I see both sides of this, because honestly I believe there are writers who are answering a call on a very spiritual or natural level, that it’s not always a choice, sometimes it just is. Because sometimes, when a person is really writing, they are a bent and broken and spent like a freshly squeezed blood orange (2nd photo…also, that recipe sounds delicious). (h/t Misti for sharing this in the first place)
  • From Allume: When You Feel Like A Wannabe
  • Pollinators and Planning: Project Bee
  •  “We become afraid of what might happen if our dreams become a reality. The risk simply feels too great. And so we move through life, playing it safe. Rather than dealing with our fear of the water, we work on boats that we never plan to finish.” — from Have You Given Up On Your Dreams? at Storyline
  • A Kiss Before You Go by Danny Gregory — I may need to pick up this book.
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3 Responses to Sunday Morning Coffee

  1. Misti says:

    Congratulations on your freelance job! That’s exciting! Hopefully it is something we can read in the future?

    Thanks for the link to Sprout! And you are welcome for the link regarding Elizabeth Gilbert.

    I read Danny Gregory’s blog many years ago and I forgot about a lot of blogs and sites I went to when I went on the AT. Thanks for reminding me of him!

    Off to check out a few links!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Unfortunately, the freelance work is a social media/Twitter thing and there’s some confidentiality to consider, so it’s not something the general public will be reading unless it’s on accident :)

  2. Elizabeth, thank you for including my post in your Sunday Morning Coffee musings — I’m honored! (Especially in the company of quotes such as: “You get to live in the realm of your own mind.”) I’m hanging on to that one this week. No… I’m putting it on a Bliss List. :)

    Three cheers for the blessings (and challenges) of being a writer and homebody. Thanks again. xo

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