Sunday Morning Coffee

Coffee! Excuse me, I’m just really excited to be drinking coffee this morning. It’s been over a week since I’ve had any, because our house was stricken with a case of viral pharyngitis right before we were schedule to have Kevin’s little birthday party/Duck Dynasty House Party. (We’re hoping to reschedule, but I’m not sure when it will happen yet.) The poor guy was sick on his birthday and my gift for taking care of him for four days was a case of the germies. Almost a full week later, I am beginning to feel a bit better and he’s near completely recovered. Raise a celebratory cup of coffee!

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3 Responses to Sunday Morning Coffee

  1. Elizabeth, thanks for the writing links you included. Very inspiring. Tomorrow morning, I’ll think of you as I’m writing and drinking coffee. :) Glad to hear you were able to enjoy a cup of Joe at last!

  2. Misti says:

    I recently listened to that Seth Godin On Being interview. I really loved it and it prompted me to find a few more podcasts with interviews of him. Also, if you dig into the On Being archives a bit there’s a great Rosanne Cash interview.

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