Sunday Morning Coffee

I thought I would let you all know that I am occasionally drinking decaf now. Pick those jaws up off the floor and enjoy the following!

  • In a love languages survey, “words of affirmation” always end up on the top of my list. It makes sense. I live my life in words. For someone who receives love best through spoken words, letters, Tweets and comments of affirmation, it is true that hurtful words have even more power to wound. Check out When Words Cut Deep from Prodigal Magazine.
  • “I’ve always said that the secret to The X-Files was simply this: Mulder loves Scully and Scully loves Mulder.” – Chris Carter

    “We saw them, despite their differences, drawing closer and closer together. To the point where they were each the only person the other could trust. There was something very romantic about this platonic–mostly platonic–duo[…] Just the image of seeing them in their two different apartments on opposite sides of town, what it did was develop this longing. It added to the desire for the two of them to come closer together in that loneliness” – Gillian Anderson
  • Figuring It Out: The F Word — How do you deal with failure?
  • From Storyline — How to Increase Your Creative Productivity — “If you feel empty, just know there’s plenty of beauty and truth out there for you to find and present with your unique voice. Everybody polishes the pottery differently.”
  • In My After Life (one of the most powerful things I’ve read in a while) — “No matter what your journey has held, how your story has played out, or how deep The Chasm has been. You are not the product of one isolated portion of it. You are the grand, courageous, magnificent, formidable total of it all.”
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4 Responses to Sunday Morning Coffee

  1. jolene says:

    Now I want to go back and re-watch all of the X-Files…

  2. Colleen says:

    More X-Files love from me. So nicely put.

  3. thank you for the beautiful shout-out, elizabeth!

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