Sunday Morning Coffee

YAWN. We didn’t get in until super late last night from a fabulous wedding (my cousin got married! photos later), had to drive through a raging thunder storm with some scary greenish/bluish glow in the air (looked like hail), an enormous lowering that thankfully did nothing more than sit there and glare at us while I prayed that it would stay in the sky, and a bag full of York Pieces got me through the whole thing.

SPRING IN OKLAHOMA, you are not good for my nerves. I don’t care that I’ve lived here forever. White knuckling a steering wheel in the middle of the night, going 20 miles per hour on the interstate while the car is pounded with heavy rain is NOT my idea of a good time. (Luckily, I did not have to drive.)

Looks like we have another interesting afternoon ahead of us. I was supposed to do a family photo shoot today, but I’m already thinking that will be rescheduled.

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