My Favorite Songs from Musicals — Part 7

28. On The Street Where You Live — My Fair Lady
I think My Fair Lady is one of the most perfect musicals as far as being full of songs that are fun to sing and capture that “I’ve just fallen in love” feeling. This song is one of them.

27. Once Upon A Dream — Sleeping Beauty
When I was little I would try to get people to dance around the room with me like Aurora and Prince Phillip. Rarely found any takers. Little brothers (mine, at least) didn’t make the best dance partners.

When you watch this one, enjoy the backdrop. I think the background animation in Sleeping Beauty is some of the best ever.

And that song reminds me of this one from Anastasia, so I thought I’d share it as well.

26. I Never Knew His Name — The Civil War
Frank Wildhorn has brought some of my favorite songs into this world. “I Never Knew His Name” is heartbreaking, sung from the point of view of a nurse during the American Civil War.

God, he was so young
Like a song half sung
Interrupted by
Someone just as shy
Who never knew his name

25. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You — Jersey Boys
Really, there are a number of songs from Jersey Boys that I could have included. They’re all so fun. This soundtrack is one of my favorites to put on when I’m cleaning house.

24. No Matter What Happens — Yentl
I held in my feelings
And closed every door
No matter what happens
I can’t anymore
There’s someone who must hear
The words I’ve never spoken
Tonight if he were here
My silence would be broken

23. ‘Til There Was You — The Music Man

22. A Dangerous Game — Jekyll & Hyde
I had to search for a while to find a video of this that wasn’t too racy, and the best I could do was a performance from The View. I’m not sure if I have said it enough yet…I love this musical.

At the touch of your hand
At the sound of your voice
At the moment your eyes meet mine
I am out of my mind
I am out of control
Full of feelings I can’t define

21. And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going — Dreamgirls
I’m not sure anything needs to be said about this one.

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  1. Elizabeth, I always marvel at lyricists and composers who capture feelings and moods in words and music so concisely that the song becomes a part of you — even the mention of a title evokes memories. Thanks for this list — lots of great memories!

    1. Isn’t it a funny thing? I think I can remember the first time I heard every single one of these songs. I hope you saw — I posted the next installment! Things are about to get weepy around here 😉

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