Sunday Morning Coffee

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  1. Girl, you have me pegged. I was reading this on my phone and you should have seen my radar flicker and my feelers start twitching when I got to bacon fat mayonnaise. I was just about to click the link when I scrolled down a touch more to finish reading your commentary. And then I laughed. 😉 I don’t think I have enough bacon grease, but I can remedy that. I had been planning to try coconut oil mayo, but I can already taste this on a sandwich, so…

    That guac mushroom sounds really good, and perfect for a quick lunch. I’ve been eating diced avocado, dried onion and cherry tomatoes several times a week as it is.

    Great writing by Rilla Askew; have you read her book? I like what she said about people needing to tell their stories. I think that’s what makes the online community (mostly) fascinating. It’s permission for us to all tell our stories to a larger audience.

    Love your links, as always. 🙂

  2. oh my goodness. My fiance will love the “betting bad” link. Thanks for sharing! in the meantime I’ll be over here enjoying my strawberry lime granita and reading about the poor lonely whale. 🙁

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