Tuesday List

I was at dinner with my parents a week or so ago and my dad mentioned that I’d all but quit posting anything on my blog.

Well. It’s true. I’m doing the sort of work that zaps me of any creative spark. When this contract is finished, I hope to get back into things around here.

Until then, a list.

  1. This simple little song from Ellie Goulding makes me very happy.
  2. The movie that is featured in the video is About Time. It will be released November 1 (in the US, already out in the UK) and I think I’ll go ahead and celebrate the start of my birth month that way.
  3. Jolene will be here in just over a week! We have big plans for her time here and most of it will be documented here, on her blog, and probably with videos over at Pickled Okra.
  4. We’ve also got a new episode for you!
  5. I ordered my first Lisa Leonard piece yesterday. She was running a special (free earrings, yay!) and I couldn’t pass it up. I’ve been eyeing the vintage typewriter necklace since it debuted and I finally ordered one for myself. I ended up with the letter “e,” my birthstone (topaz/citrine), and I added a garnet, because I think that together the colors are perfect for autumn.
  6. I’d like to end my list with this GIF that I dedicate to Jolene:

3 Replies to “Tuesday List”

  1. I’ve been wondering about a post too! I’m glad you are still going to be writing here, but I can understand about life being busy and creative energy being zapped.

  2. Elizabeth, when you have something to say, there it is in my email inbox whenever you post. (And obviously, I’m answering when I have the time or inclination, ha!) You’re the third (fourth? tenth?) blogging friend who has mentioned not being able to post “regularly” due to real life. I think that says something important.

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