What I Miss Most

When I landed my current job a few months back, I knew it would bring a lot of change to my regular habits. I knew it would slow, if not entirely halt, my own writing and that was something I could accept for a little while. Now, as I get closer to completing the project I find myself looking forward to returning to the things I love to do with my free time. Most of all — reading.


It’s true, I could have been reading all along, but given the work I’m doing I find it difficult to focus on one story for enjoyment when I’m working on something else. In a way, doing this job reminds me of some of my later years in college, when I was reading constantly, but there wasn’t one second of time to do it for pleasure. Even if there had been, I was in this place where I tried to analyze every word. It made me a snob.

Side note: Why do people recommend chick lit to me on Goodreads? Do you even know me?

I have made time to read a few things, in the few days here and there throughout the summer when I allowed myself a break. There’s a stack of books beside me that I’ve planned to share snippets from for months now, but again…work.

Something exciting is coming though. This Saturday is Readathon and if you’ve been around very long at all, you know how thrilled I get about that. Hopefully that will help me get back into a routine — writing here and getting some reading done. Because if I’m totally honest, I’m happier when both of those things are happening.