The Week in Pictures


 1. Planning out my month. 2. Changing leaves in my neighborhood. 3. A magical pomegranate. 4. Butternut squash soup with an iceberg of sour cream.



 1. The Pioneer Woman’s new holiday cook book! 2. To us! 3. Nails in Rimmel “Sweet Tease” 4. New dress paired with a favorite scarf.

2 Replies to “The Week in Pictures”

  1. Elizabeth, your collages look like Autumn… the colors, layouts, etc….love it! I was wondering if there’s a “culinary terminology dictionary” (committee?) that you could submit your “iceberg of sour cream” phrase to for accepted use — that’s a fantastic description! 🙂 Bet you’re loving Ree’s latest cookbook — congrats on your personally signed copy. (Woohoo!)

    1. Icebergs of sour cream are one of my favorite things!

      I haven’t had a chance to cook anything from her new book yet, but it sure has been a delight to look through 🙂

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