Listening Lately

Until I’m One With You – Ryan Bingham
The Bridge was one of the shows we watched regularly this summer and the theme at the beginning always stuck with me. Finally I looked it up and realized it was a singer I was a little familiar with (I know a lot of people that listen to him, but I’d never paid much attention). There’s a special place for this song in my heart, somewhere in the vicinity of all the Tom Waits songs I love.

The Kiss – Judee Sill
Songza is great for finding older things that I missed. I can’t remember which playlist I found this on, but I’m glad I did.

Run – Matt Nathanson
I’m late to the game on this guy. His breakout song that was all over the radio a few years back is not a favorite, so I never bothered with any of his other stuff. I do like this a lot.

Every Time I Fall In Love – Sarah Buxton
I caught this on Nashville a couple weeks ago and looked up the songwriter. What a sweet little song.

And because I’m going to see him next week…

Promise Me You’ll Remember – Harry Connick Jr.

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