Tuesday List

  1. Had a belated lunch with a friend yesterday for my birthday. The company was wonderful, the food was so-so. It’s a new local place and because I wasn’t thrilled with it I won’t mention who they are. I’m not sure it’s fair to judge a restaurant by their caesar salad.
  2. The weather is changing and I’m going to blame today’s marathon headache on that. Hopefully it was that and nothing more. I’d rather not be coming down with something.
  3. I’ve got some Doctor Who to catch up on by Saturday, but you’re looking at a woman who has done some serious TV bingeing. I think I’ll manage.
  4. Speaking of Doctor Who, I ordered the Nanny Who shirt from TeeFury a few weeks ago and it arrived today — labeled the correct size, but almost 3 inches smaller in width than what the sizing chart indicates it should be. I’ve ordered from them before and never had this sort of issue, so I hope it’ll be resolved quickly.
  5. Thanksgiving is next week and I need to figure out what dishes I’ll be taking to the gatherings we’re attending. I’m thinking a dessert for one and a side for another. The latest issue of Food & Wine has some interesting sweet potato recipes and I may try out a few of those.
  6. I’m hearing a lot about Black Friday starting earlier than usual, essentially getting rid of the sales being on Friday, and I wonder impact this will have. Are folks going to buy more? It’s rotten that so many people will have to miss Thanksgiving with their families.
  7. The Saturday after Thanksgiving I’ll be seeing John Mayer in OKC. I haven’t listened to him much in recent years, but I thought it would be fun. His music has come back around to something I enjoy again. And maybe I’ll finally get to hear him sing “Comfortable” live.
  8. After next week’s busyness is over I’ll start assembling Christmas gifts. Yup, I am going the homemade route with some of them again this year, but these are different.