Readathon Stack

Here’s my stack for tomorrow’s Readathon (you can still sign up!). A few things that I was already working on, along with my stack of library books that are due on Monday. I’ve got plenty of options, that’s for sure!



Screen shot 2014-04-25 at 12.22.26 PM

5 Replies to “Readathon Stack”

    1. I did this time since I didn’t do my usual issue pre-order. Forgot somehow. Anyway, I’ve looked through the first couple of pages and I think it’s going to be pretty easy to get into them this way. That AND I don’t have to deal with accumulating a stack of graphic novels that I don’t have the space for.

      1. I definitely prefer my kindle for books I buy myself. I am overflowing as it is, but I usually don’t let myself buy anymore unless it’s a book I know I’ll re-read or if it’s a great deal. The library is my bff. 🙂

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