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Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire — Goodreads recommended this series to me and the premise sounded interesting, so I picked I up. It’s about this “animal kid” named Gus. “Animal kid” what he calls himself and all the other kids like him. Gus was raised in the woods, on a wildlife preserve, by his overprotective father who spouts a lot of religious stuff about how they are not ever supposed to leave and evil lives outside the woods. Then his father dies and Gus is left to fend for himself. It’s an interesting concept, pretty original, other than being yet another post-apocalyptic dystopia. Flew through the first volume and checked to see if any of the subsequent volumes were available at the library. There were, all 5 of them (there are 6 volumes total in this series) and I put them on hold immediately. I read the first 5 books in the span of a week, but waited until a month later to read the last one. There are ups and downs in the series. Not all of the volumes are stellar. My favorites were Volumes 3 and 6, for reasons I can’t explain without giving away a lot of the story. It’s interesting and I wanted to see it through to the end, but the slow moving plot in some of the volumes made this tedious.

Three Ladies Beside The Sea and Cautionary Tales for Children, illustrated by Edward Gorey — I’ve always loved Edward Gorey’s art. I’ve been watching Mystery! on PBS since before I could walk and I remember my first trip to Barnes & Noble (first time ever!) when I picked up a copy of The Gashlycrumb Tinies, recognized the drawings, and flipped through the whole thing before my mom could catch me. These two books were nice. The first was based on a short poem, so there wasn’t much to read, but the illustrations tell such a nice story. I really enjoyed it. The second, well, if you know his work, you can guess what this was like. Mischievous kids meeting their end under bizarre circumstances.

The Exile: An Outlander Graphic Novel by Diana Gabaldon — I think this book should never have happened. I thought the story was a little choppy and hard to follow and I’ve read Outlander. This graphic novel is essentially the first 1/3 or something of Outlander told from Jamie’s perspective. There is some additional stuff at the beginning about Jamie coming back to Scotland, but I didn’t feel like it added much to the story. The thing that had me making faces at this book the entire time was the illustrations. Good grief. No nurse walks around like that. No real nurse.

Blue Iris: Poems and Essays by Mary Oliver — She is a favorite of mine and I was so glad I picked up this collection of poems. Her observations of the world around her and the attention to the tiniest detail make some of the finest poems. If you enjoy poetry or nature or both, look for this book.

Currently reading: Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain

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  1. I have come to realize that in my current state I can’t read more than one book at a time, no matter how much my desire to do so is. My eyes are bigger than my brain at the moment in regards to books I want to read.

    I’m currently trying to read Illumination in the Flatwoods, a non-fiction book about a man who imprinted wild turkeys in Florida. It’s Florida so I’m loving it! But, I’m so slow and not focused that I’m on my second round of renewal from the library. Must finish this time!

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