Sunday Morning Coffee

It’s Mother’s Day. I spent yesterday with my mom and granny, weathering storms in southern Oklahoma. This morning I’m drinking Tribute Blend. Tomorrow something new starts. More on that when I have it figured out.

2 Replies to “Sunday Morning Coffee”

  1. What’s your favorite local coffee shop to write in? When I lived in California I felt like there were a ton of places to go, but here…? Barne’s and Noble. Eh.

    And yes to Anne of Green Gables. She’s been in my life since my 3rd grade teacher introduced her to me. I HOPE that both my girls love her too. I have the movies on VHS and refuse to give them up…. Perhaps I should update to DVD. 🙂

    1. I probably haven’t done enough of it to say for sure, but Michelangelo’s is a nice place. The staff are friendly, but mostly leave you alone. I appreciate that 🙂 I never feel like they are trying to run me off. Gray Owl is nice too. Big tables if you need to spread out or if you want to share a space with someone else. That place is pretty distraction free. Bonus: It’s next to an antique store.

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