The Trip, Part 3: Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, British Library, and St. Paul’s

London - Victoria Memorial

Sunday morning, after I lingered in bed a little while, I had breakfast and walked down to the bus stop to catch a bus going in the opposite direction of the one I’d gone the day before. I had no real idea where I was going, only a plan to make it back to Trafalgar Square later. I ended up making it to Camden Market, hopping off the bus for a bit and having a look around. That was probably the most crowded place I encountered in London. I wasn’t really in the mood and the crowds made it even less appealing, but I would like to go back sometime. After getting my fill of that, I got back on a bus, this time a double-decker and you know, when in Rome, went to the top and moved to the front and rode it to goodness knows where and back again.

London - Victoria Memorial

I got off the bus at Trafalgar Square and walked down The Mall to Buckingham Palace.

London - The Mall


There’s a guy jumping on someone’s back.

London - Buckingham Palace

London - Buckingham Palace

London - Buckingham Palace


This is where you would stand if, say, you were waiting on a prince to walk out and kiss his new bride, or if you wanted to wait around for the announcement of a royal birth.


London - Trafalgar Square


Meanwhile, back at Trafalgar Square, the London Symphony Orchestra were preparing for this and I had the pleasure of hearing them practice that afternoon. I considered going back for the concert, but I was already very damp and in need of a hot shower and something warm to drink.

Off and on, this was a rainy day. I did a lot of walking around, not a lot of picture taking, and I was just praying for one day that was good and sunny so I could get some nice photos around the place.



I went back and Kay made me some of her magical tea. That evening I sat on her couch and listened to so many stories. I was exhausted, but I have a difficult time walking away when someone keeps talking to me, especially when what they have to say is as interesting as these conversations were. This was the second loooong conversation with her and it was all very…enlightening.

The next day, my prayers were answered. Sunshine!



I was very slow about getting around that morning, because I was so depressed it was my last day in London. But! Also very excited that I still had a week in Scotland in front of me OMG.



Hyde Park is lovely in the spring. What’s not documented here are the 10,000 steps I walked around the Serpentine looking for the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial. I had been told that it wasn’t the easiest thing to find if you didn’t know what you were looking for and that was true. But a leisurely stroll around a pond never did any harm.



When I found it, I took a few moments to sit and enjoy the sound of the water. See that couple on the right hand side? I sat sort of near them. The fountain is nice and it was a gloriously sunny day so the park was full of people.







After resting my feet for a little while at the park, I had to get back on task. There was a lot left to see on my list that day. Back out to the bus stop.



Between here and the next photo, I spent a good portion of time in the British Library. The Treasures of the British Library exhibit is free and well worth your time. Their site only lists the antiquated items they have there, but there is so much. Jane Austen’s writing desk, Sylvia Plath’s Ariel, lyrics to the Beatles’ “Michelle” written on the back of an envelope.



From there I walked down the street a little ways and noticed a red carpet outside of the St. Pancras Hotel. Like a moth to a flame, I moseyed on up there to check things out and see who I might see. Turns out, it was a photo call for Penny Dreadful and while I waited for some time under a spitting sky, I never got a look at anyone. After waiting as long as I could, I headed down the street to catch the tube to the Tower of London.



It was already getting a little later in the evening and I think I had missed the last tour, so I found the nearest bus stop to get myself back over to some things I needed to see before it started pouring rain.



I was in front of St. Paul’s for approximately 2 minutes before it started raining. Hard rain. My plan was to see St. Paul’s and possibly make it over to Harrods in time to pick something up for my mom, but I was drenched by the time I got on the bus and I decided to call it a day.




I stopped to grab some dinner on the way home and once I made it back to my place, I found Kay getting ready to head out for the evening. Made my dinner, sat in the kitchen listening to the radio and the rain, did some laundry, and turned in a little early. I had a train to catch the next morning!

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  1. I’m a little disappointed in the Diana memorial. I would have expected a little bit more, I guess.

    Hyde Park looks awesome—I would need a day just for it.

    1. Read about it:,_Princess_of_Wales_Memorial_Fountain
      It’s actually very nice. And it’s huge. My photos don’t capture that. There’s also a memorial playground for children nearby. I didn’t visit that.

      If you’re looking for ostentatious, Dodi Fayed’s father has you covered over at Harrods with the statue AND the shrine that’s tucked away in its own room:

      Hyde Park is gorgeous. You could spend all day there and lots of people crowd there for activities. In the area (it’s close to the palaces) there are quite a few other gardens and a lot to see.

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