Listening Lately

It’s May. In May I get in the mood for country and dancy pop. May is falling in love season.

The Vespers – Not Enough

I say that, then there’s this one. I put it at the top because I love it.

Joy Williams – Until the Levee

Josh Groban – If I Loved You

Have I shared this yet? I can’t remember. Just get the album.

WALK THE MOON – Shut Up and Dance

Finally sharing this one because I like the movie clips better than the stooopid music video.

Hunter Hayes – Wanted

John Mayer & Keith Urban – Sweet Thing

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  1. Oh man, the Walk The Moon song sounds like an 80s song…I’ve heard it before and honestly thought it was an older song that I just didn’t know. not a bad thing, I love it!

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