Sunday Morning Coffee

Hot water with lemon. I’m not sure why, but I felt like having some this morning. Lately my sleep patterns have been a little out of whack. Staying up too late, sometimes writing, sometimes not. Unable to find sleep until the early morning hours, which then leads to sleeping later than I intend in the morning, feeling groggy, and not quite myself. Yesterday I wasn’t feeling well and ended up curling up in bed for a portion of the day. I knew sleep would be near impossible last night, but managed to force myself. I think I successfully hit a reset button because I woke up at 6:30 feeling more alert than I have in a while.

I got up, turned on the kettle, and washed dishes. It’s been a while since I completed that task so early in the morning and I had forgotten how good the ritual feels. Puttering about the kitchen, trying not to make too much noise, watching out the window as the tiniest hint of pale light begins to wash over the neighborhood. A hummingbird arrives, one of the two that have been fighting over my feeder and four o’clocks, and has her breakfast. It occurs to me that I do most of my thinking when I’m near running water.

Things I’m enjoying:

  • The Spiritual Practice of Gardening — This blog post from A Sacred Journey really touched me because the idea is something I can identify with–and because, like with running water, I think some of my best thoughts while my hands are in the dirt. I tend to work things out there. As I walk around my gardens, I can tell you what was on my mind whenever I first planted them. From the first tomatoes I planted in the backyard boxes (they have since deteriorated and been removed) to the circle in the middle of my moon garden.
  • Urban Wife shared this recipe she found for Cilantro-Lime Shrimp & Quinoa bowls and it sounds delicious, but since I’m grain-free at the moment I’m going to need you all to try it and report back.
  • I saw this paper butterfly wreath and immediately thought of a friend, so I’m going to share that with her now 🙂
  • The whole reason I found the butterfly wreath was because I was looking for book page garland ideas, for next year’s big adventure. I found this one and it looks promising (replaced with a seasonally appropriate theme).
  • I know we’re months away, but I would like this Creamy Vegetarian Christmas Stew right now.

8 Replies to “Sunday Morning Coffee”

  1. I love early morning, and I’ve been gradually working toward waking myself up earlier and earlier these days, though I haven’t mastered the art of being productive that early in the day, yet. Though I can accomplish some little tasks – like feeding the animals, enjoying a cup of tea, and deciding how I need to dress for the day based on the tasks at hand. There’s so much that can be accomplished in the quiet moments of waking, if it’s just utilized right!

    And I am now traveling down the rabbit-hole of A Sacred Journey. If I don’t accomplish anything productive this afternoon, it’s your fault. 😛

  2. I’m going to check out the sacred journey blog this week – thanks for sharing. And the cilantro lime shrimp bowls were amazing. Did you find a grain free option?

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