Sunday Morning Coffee

Added a tiny sprinkle of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, allspice, and ginger (basically homemade pumpkin pie spice) to the basket of the coffee maker this morning. There have been a few mornings in the past week that felt like fall. I’m ready for the cooler weather to make its way here.

Things I’m Enjoying:

  • Dominion House Lit published a piece of my fiction. It’s called Kindling.

    My tomatoes were burned up. There wasn’t any amount of watering that would bring them back. I pulled them up and set aside the last fruits for canning. It was too hot, but they needed to be put up in jars.

  • Shared this playlist last night. The idea for this writing project came to me when I was trying to meet a deadline for actual work (of course)rom com playlist writing project
  • This web series–Kissing in the Rain. Yeah, so what if I was looking for Anne and Gilbert fan vids. I had to pause what I was doing and watch the whole thing. It’s sweet. This is episode 2 and it doesn’t make any difference if you watch it first, but if you like it you should go back and watch it all. (And yes, I know, she’s in the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Everyone and their great-aunt Gertrude have told me to watch it. Maybe I’ll get around to it someday.)
  • 10 Tech Tools for Writers
  • I’ve started looking for a good online screenwriting course and found this–10 universities offering free writing courses online.
  • From Marisa10 Ways to Be a Better Blogger

4 Replies to “Sunday Morning Coffee”

    1. Glad you enjoyed it!

      It’s the behind the scenes part that’s so great! And there are several episodes. It’s hard to get a feel for it with just this. Basically two actors playing all these parts and they hate/love each other.

  1. Elizabeth, congratulations on your publication in Dominion House! Your story hit me with that “aha” kind of realization similar to watching The Twilight Zone (not that it was that genre), and I like when that happens. Thanks, too, for sharing the tech tools article and better blogging tips, and for reminding me how much autumn scented spices enhance our enjoyment of the impending season!

  2. Wow, I loved your short story – good twist! Congrats on being featured.

    I, too, have been adding pumpkin spice to my coffee now even though it’s still in the 90s out. It helps set the mood for when fall actually arrives. 😉

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