Readathon! Fall 2015

It’s time for Dewey’s Read-A-Thon! I’m keeping track of my progress here and posting on Twitter (@ElizabethMelle, #readathon) whenever there is an update. This year I’m cheering with #TeamMagnolia, so look for their cheers floating around blogs and Twitter.

If you’re around during Hour 18, check out my mini-challenge!

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Goals: Finish TEN titles and read 600 pages. I looked at my stack and I think 9 is a very doable number based on the books I plan to read, so 10 would be a nice challenge.

Pages read: 768
Titles finished during Read-A-Thon: 8

Walking Dead Volume #23 (FINISHED – 136pgs)
Averno by Louise Glück (FINISHED – 71pgs)
Walking Dead Volume #24 (FINISHED – 136pgs)
Alex + Ada (FINISHED – 128pgs)
Ekaterinoslav by Jane Yolen (FINISHED – 53pgs)
Everything We Miss by Luke Pearson (FINISHED – 38pgs)
Wait by C.K. Williams (FINISHED – 125pgs)
Break the Glass by Jean Valentine (FINISHED – 81pgs)
New and Selected Poems Volume 2 by Mary Oliver (25/175pgs)


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Readathon Stack

Curious about Readathon? There’s still time to join!

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 12.34.40 PM

(The one with the faded cover is New and Selected Poems: Vol. 2 by Mary Oliver)

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 3.46.16 PM

I needed to return a few to the library and pick up a hold (latest volume of The Walking Dead), so I added a few more. Done now. Promise.

Tackle Your TBR Read-a-thon

Sometimes I get itchy for a readathon. Just a little excuse to carve out time in my day to finish books I might not otherwise get to. About a month ago I was searching Goodreads for reading events and the Tackle Your TBR Read-a-thon popped up. I had never heard of it before, but it sounded great to me.

Have you seen my to-be-read shelf? It’s intimidating.

Tackle Your TBR 2015

I’ve been meaning to make a post for the event for several days now, but am just now getting around to it. Allergies have had me down for a few days this week, coming and going as they please, but it’s given me a chance to curl up on my couch with a few books.

Goals: Finish 4 titles and read 500 pages

Pages read: 504
Titles finished during Read-a-Thon: 2

Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D.H. Lawrence (FINISHED – 376 pgs)
Or to Begin Again by Ann Lauterbach (FINISHED – 128 pgs)



Friday, September 18

Finished the first book I set out to complete. Lady Chatterley’s Lover has been on my shelf forever and I thought it was time I finally got around to it. Not bad at all, but parts of the story felt very rushed to me and I didn’t enjoy that.

Sunday, September 27

Finished a collection of poetry that had been sitting on the shelf since July. I put it aside then because I had a difficult time getting into it and the second go-round didn’t prove much better. The writing is abstract and not in a way that I enjoy. Some of it seems inaccessible, like I couldn’t latch on and find something in it for me. But it’s finished now and off my shelf and I am one title closer to my goal for the year.

Since I reached my page goal, I’m going to call this a success. I might pick up another book during the day and I’ll add it later if I do.