Good things

I find it helpful to focus on good things (how very Martha of me) whenever my days have a more plentiful supply of the bad.

♥ tea w/ a little milk and sugar
♥ sweet coworkers
♥ lunching with the ladies
♥ smiles on faces
♥ people who are happy
♥ cold, cold water
♥ LOST on wednesdays
♥ mafia movies
♥ pie (even though it’s not really in my life anymore)
♥ birthdays!

Taking care of myself

It’s been a weird, rough past week and a half. First I was sick and while I was sick, I realized that I’d had enough. Some people know what happened. If you don’t, I’ll be glad to tell you in an email, I’m just not interested in airing any dirty laundry online.

This morning I wrote something for my SparkPeople blog to sorta motivate myself and help me to remember in the future why I did what I did. I’m pretty bad about forgetting my reasons behind serious action and this is something I cannot afford to forget.

Your mind and spirit are just as important to be nourished as your body. I know that I can lose sight of that pretty often. This is a note so that I will remember, and maybe encourage other people, to take whatever steps are necessary to remove the poison from your life. I firmly believe in trying to remain strong and a good example to those around you, but there comes a time when you have to choose to remove yourself from the situation. If you are not being built up, you’re being dragged down.

When we’re talking about our bodies we decrease the bad intake and increase the good output. It’s the same with our mind and spirit. I am choosing to refuse the insensitive, uneducated, and unknowledgeable criticism aimed at myself and my life. It is tearing down my mind, bringing down my spirit, and taking me to the same level as the people doing this.

Instead I am embracing the things that matter:
The love of my Lord, Jesus Christ
My loving fiance
My devoted family
Friends that love and support me

I am turning away from and refusing to take the following:
Unfounded criticism, intended to hurt and bring chaos
CHAOS, encouraged by those whose lives center around it and therefore believe other’s lives must as well
Insanity, I will not take diagnosis from people who need to be diagnosed themselves
Divisive speech
Direction from someone who is not my superior
Uneducated advice

And I will no longer listen to the voice of inexperience. I am committing today to continue working towards my goals with my success in mind. Looking toward the future and refusing to let anyone else drag me down. I will embrace my success, not be ashamed of it, and go forward.