Sunday Morning Coffee

I’ve got to get some quality coffee in this house.

Things I’m Enjoying:

Sunday Morning Coffee


Sunday morning jasmine tea 🙂

  • First things first, I’m still in that writing competition. My piece this week is a little love story and I would appreciate your vote.
  • The latest episode of Strangers: Love, Good and Bad — It’s really good. I’ve never had feelings about a foghorn.
  • Marisa watched The Slap and so did I.
  • Jolene has kindly agreed to join me on a book research trip to Minneapolis in April and I’m having fun figuring out places where we can have brunch. Because there’s a brunch scene in my book and I like details. And brunch.
  • Stracotto (pot roast) with porcini mushrooms — I made this and it’s delicious.
  • “what’s exhausting is walking around with it
    the tiny slip of a thought
    something that could be true
    but you just can’t bet on it” – from Amy Turn Sharp’s This one is for you
  • My main character’s best friend enjoys One Direction and I have to research that, too. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
  • Instead of sobbing, you write sentences.
  • “I walk. I can always see him. His size does not change as I move forward: he is five feet nine and a half, exactly right. I can still feel the feel of my hand in his hand as I walk.” – from Lottery Tickets by Elizabeth Alexander

The Road Trip

While we were recording an episode of Pickled Okra a few months ago, Jolene and I started talking about the possibility of her coming out to visit again over the Christmas holiday. I had a similar desire for a little vacation and all of this talk morphed into us planning out a road trip from western New York to Oklahoma.

We kept talking and planning, but there wasn’t much real planning because we were both so busy. We both knew we wanted to do it and booked my ticket to New York and before we knew it, there were about 2 weeks left before it was supposed to happen and we hadn’t figured much of anything out.

I spent an evening researching restaurants that sounded appealing and places to hear some live music in Nashville. Jolene found us a hotel in downtown Nashville and we figured out the route we were going to take and called the whole thing good.

We left the plan open so that we could stop wherever we wanted to along the way and the only place we had to be by a certain time was our Nashville hotel on Saturday night. It was a little strange for me to get on the road without hotel reservations anywhere, but we were able to locate good accommodations all along the way.

Thanks to Misti, we had ourselves a hashtag (#OkraToGo) and I tweeted throughout the trip with it.

I could give you a detailed recap here, but since it’s already been done, I’m going to point you in the direction of our podcasts that we recorded during the trip. We recorded one episode of Pickled Okra while sitting in the car waiting for a table at a restaurant, another once we made it back to Oklahoma, and then another over coffee at my kitchen table. You’ll get a complete picture of the trip there. Enjoy!

Episode 10 – Slips, Trips, and Blazers
Episode 11 – Emotional Outbursts
Episode 12 – Coffee Chat