Gone Writing


I’ve been in a writing competition since March, producing something every week or so, and I’ve somehow made it into the top 100 of this thing. Hard for me to believe. My friend Katie had suggested it to me a long time ago and then again before this round started and I thought, Well, my life isn’t too busy right now. Heh.

There have been long weeks and short weeks. The short weeks appear to be occurring more frequently now and that’s making me nervous. I’ve already used all my “byes”, not even for any good reasons. Well, maybe that one leading up to me being on the plane headed to London was legitimate.

I’m producing all of this stuff. Some of it I’m proud of, some of it was totally phoned in, last minute, “Please don’t vote me off the island” stuff. Everybody has a bad week.

But it’s doing something. Stirring up things on the bottom. There is churning and it’s weird and good. When you’ve gone a long time without dipping in to that part of yourself where things are alive and happening, then you do…eek. I mean, it’s scary but it’s also wonderful. It reminds me of the time we cleaned out the fish pond (a cement well house that had an attached “cement pond” — no idea how else to describe it) at Granny and Paw Paw’s. We found an old rubber ball and all manner of things that had fallen into it over time. That pond had been smooth like glass as long as I could remember. Even though the bottom was dark, everything had settled. Then we started to clean it and everything churned up into this disgusting mess.

It was all fun until I decided to sit on the edge staring into the water like Narcissus and fell right in. Twenty years of fish pond sludge is enough to make anyone cry.

Friday Stream of Consciousness

Okay, not really like the writing exercise stream of consciousness where you basically just keep on writing whatever comes into your head and you don’t stop for anything no punctuation not even the doorbell and then well maybe you’ll answer the door but then you’ll come right back and say whatever is on your mind even if it’s that nothing is on your mind.

Those things are always interesting. Try it sometime!

I’m working today, on work-work and Readathon prep and house cleaning and trip planning stuff. Checking things off my list. So I figure I’ll keep this open and just update it when I have something I want to talk about. It’s basically Twitter for the day, long form.

  • Last night I missed a call from a friend while I was working and the call was her needing to be driven to the emergency room. Umm…bad friend, Elizabeth. Picking her up from work today since she can’t drive right now.
  • When I work I listen to podcasts (when I’m not doing fully-involved, creative work). Lately I’ve been listening to some about Mad Men and wow. I’d never really thought a lot about the show, even though I enjoyed watching. I didn’t realize there were so many layers to what’s going on and how much of a mystery it still is.
  • Is this the highest ever turnout for Dewey’s Read-a-Thon? They’re currently at 598 readers!
  • I should start this kind of thing earlier in the day so you all get the full effect of my allergy meds.


Do you ever hear a word and immediately get a song stuck in your head? For me, with the word lately, it’s always the following. Or that one song by Divine.

What have I been up to lately?



  1. I cut off 13 inches of hair. Well, didn’t. A stylist named Mackenzie did it for me and I am so happy with the results.
  2. I’ve been reading a lot more.
  3. Bought some plane tickets and booked a few places to stay. My trip is on!
  4. Got a new nephew. Now I have two.
  5. Had one really bad day and dyed my hair very dark brown (not pictured). That’s what I do.
  6. Halfway through phase two of my work project. About 95% complete with the whole thing.
  7. And lastly, since it’s Downton season here in the US, I’ve been doing Picture Shows & Petticoats. We also live tweet the episodes and you can check that out here.