Listening Lately: Writing Edition

All I’ve been doing lately is writing. I need to sit down and tell you all about it and I will, soon, but for now I thought I’d share the music I listen to when I write. A lot of it has been curated from various Songza playlists or things I’ve stumbled upon on Youtube.

My playlist is usually instrumental because that’s what I find easiest to write to, but if there are lyrics they have to be the sort that don’t distract.

What do you write to?


Leo Kalyan – Fingertips

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Sunday Morning Coffee

Tribute Blend is back in season at Starbucks and I’m sipping on that this morning. I appreciate that it always comes back in time for the spring Readathon. Have you signed up for that yet? Just one more week!

It may seem a little out of place in this post, but I don’t think I could let this day pass without acknowledging the 20th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. This morning I got up to watch the memorial service, which is still going on as a type this. It’s been a beautiful tribute.

  • Book shelf curtain — I’m considering doing this with my bookshelves in the study. I find it difficult to concentrate when I am in there because of the cacophony of books and I wonder if this might help.
  • This recipe for spaghetti alla puttanesca with zucchini noodles showed up on Pinterest and I will definitely be making it this summer. Also, courgette is a lovely word.
  • Karen was talking about Pinterest over on her blog, and it made me think maybe I should share a board with you all every once in a while. It’s been terrific for me to put boards together for garden projects, writing, and Desire Mapping. If you want to rest your brain a little, take a look at my peaceful (core desired feeling) board.
  • Leesa wrote about her love for Outlander. YES.
  • I look back fondly on the time that I spent living alone, cooking for one, and just getting by. It was a special time. Very different and sometimes a little lonely, but when I think about those days I smile. And I think of Stracciatella alla Romana and whipping up a tiny pot of that late in the evening.
  • Where No One Should Go — I listened to this story, frozen and prostrate on my bed in the middle of the night. It’s simultaneously terrifying and awe-inspiring. Thinking about things like extreme depth, claustrophobic spaces, and endless darkness really affects me, so the deepest kind of deep-sea (cave) diving is one of the worst things I can imagine. But listen. It’s good.
  • Kathryn shares gold overheard at AWP 2015.
  • Recently I ran into a situation that left me googling things that lead me to articles about the anxiety of unanswered email.
  • I’ll leave you with this.
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