Feeding the Cows

A month or so ago I was back home and I spent a little time down at my grandparents’ place riding around with Paw Paw, doing something that was one of my first jobs on the farm — feeding the cows.

When I was little I used to ride around feeding the cows with Paw Paw. I had a little bucket and one particular cow that I would feed one little feed cube at a time. What patience that cow must have had.

Paw Paw was happy to show me his new barns and the contents therein.


We haven’t seen clouds like that in a while.

P.S. – Happy birthday, Paw Paw!


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One Cow

I rode around the pastures with Paw Paw the other day and snapped quite a few photos of the cows, but this one is my favorite. I was thinking it would be nice frame a nice, big print of this Charolais for him. He loves his cows and I think this would be special for him. His birthday is coming up in August and I want to have it ready by then. This is a surprise, so no one spill the beans, please!

There are three different versions of the photo that I’ve been working on: color, black and white, and sepia. I think any of them would go fine with the decor in Granny and Paw Paw’s house, but I would like your opinions on which one you prefer. So, there’s a poll below. Pick one, if you don’t mind 🙂

And if you want to tell me what you like about it/why you picked one over another, feel free to comment.

You can click on the images to see larger versions.

Cow - Version 1

Cow - Version 2

Cow - Version 3

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