Stitch Fix #2

I was so thrilled to get my second Stitch Fix today and couldn’t wait to start trying on items. At the same time, I was a little worried right before opening the box. Because it’s basically summer and some people get crazy ideas about summer.

You know what I’m talking about. SHORTS. And…things without sleeves.

I’m not asking much, I don’t think, to want to live in a world of cardigans and scarves forever and ever.

Anyway, so I opened this box and immediately turned my face away. There were bright colors. Bright colors in patterns. Smelling salts would have been nice right at that moment. I looked at each item and did not have a lot of hope going into it, but decided I needed to try it all on and take photos.

I was so excited about it I didn’t even bother to break out the big camera or change out of my yoga pants. You’re in for a real treat.  Continue reading “Stitch Fix #2”

Stitch Fix #1

I received my first Stitch Fix shipment this week and I’m excited to show you the items they sent me. If you aren’t familiar with the service Stitch Fix provides, basically you pay a styling fee, a stylist puts together a group of items for you based on your style profile (and Pinterest board if you provide one), they mail it to you, and you have 3 days to decide if you like the items and want to keep them. The styling fee is credited toward anything you choose to purchase from your fix. Whatever you don’t purchase is returned in the included envelope. Shipping is all taken care of. Let’s get to the fix!

First things first — oh my goodness, I do not like modeling.

Stitch Fix Blouse

Forgive me, I was on the phone with my mom and I was trying to get these photos finished. And I’m barefoot because I’d taken off the shoes I tried on with the first outfit. More on that later. Anyway, two items from my fix here — Pomelo Downing striped knit shirt and Just Black Adora skinny jean. The top is a smidge too big, but it’s meant to be worn loosely so that doesn’t bother me. I specifically asked for pants that were lightweight and good for travel to take on my trip that were not denim and my stylist listened. Coral/melon is such a trendy color, I have avoided it thus far. They are not something I would have picked up on my own. I do like them and they fit, but they are pretty snug in the thighs and I’m not sure how I feel about that. It’s one thing for dark denim to be tight. That’s forgiving. Coral…not so much. I’m not a “tights as pants” person and, well, there you go. (Necklace not included in the fix.)

Stitch Fix Dolman


Two more items — Pomelo Aleah v-neck solid dolman sleeve shirt and 41Hawthorn Cara tassel border wrap scarf. Here we have another trendy color I have avoided — mint. I just don’t like to wear things because people tell me I should! Okay, that probably makes it sound like Stitch Fix is not for me. What I mean is I don’t particularly care to wear the same colors that everyone posts on their Pinterest boards. My feelings on these pieces are mostly positive though. Dolman sleeves can make you appear wider and that’s kept me from buying similar blouses in the past. This blouse doesn’t do that. It’s long and fitted and covers my hips in the coral pants. I could see myself wearing the pants and blouse together because of this. The scarf is great — it’s thin fabric that’s light and good for spring/summer. It’s very wide though and not super long and that makes it difficult to wrap the way they suggested (looped with the ends pulled through the loop). I worked out my own way.


Stitch Fix DressMe telling Clare she cannot be in the picture.

Last item in the fix — 41Hawthorn Maddy Ponte fit & flare dress. The dress is a deep crimson and I love that color. I’ve got a lot of it in my closet, mostly tops, so it’s nice to get a dress in this shade. I paired it with the boots because they were the closest to me when I put the dress on 🙂 The bodice is nicely fitted and there is a little flare to the skirt, as the name suggests. If I had seen this on a rack I doubt I would have picked it up. The cut isn’t one I’d ever considered working well with my body type and I was pleasantly surprised with the fit. In that regard alone I think my first Stitch Fix is a win because they made me try on something I wouldn’t have otherwise. And I like it! The first time I tried it on I was a little scared because it’s so fitted and it’s difficult to zip up a dress on your own! I did manage it today and I’m glad to know I can. Now I can take it on my trip if I want.

A note on sizing because people have asked me. Stitch Fix currently only offers up to a size 14/XL (if you are looking for a plus size option, I’ve heard great things about Gwynnie Bee, though I haven’t tried it myself). I am at the far upper end and barely that. There’s not one part of me (of the parts that get measured for sizing) that measures the same size. Parts of me are an 8, parts are an 18, and I’ve got the delicate wrists of a size 0 😉

If you do a search for “Stitch Fix” and “plus size,” brace yourself. There are a lot of very angry blog posts out there and I understand that, to a certain extent. I know what it’s like to want something to fit your body so badly and it just. won’t. zip. Or button or go over your thighs or over your head. When I’m shopping I buy mostly in the middle of everything I am and that’s a 14. Let me tell you something about being a 14 — nobody cares about you. Standard sizing can make you feel like you’re in sausage casing and “plus” sizes are too big or are cut in a way that doesn’t look right. It probably doesn’t help that I’m a “petite” 14 (all of this is in quotations because you never know who on earth you’re offending and for goodness sake, what does it all MEAN?). But I’ve been short and curvy for about 15 years now and I’m used to living in a world that tells me I’m not the average size. Whatever. I’ve been out in public enough to know the truth about that.

There are parts of this fix that I wish had been a little roomier and parts I could handle taking in a bit. You can’t win them all, but I am very pleased with my first fix.


Stitch Fix items I’m keeping:

I can’t make you wait. I kept all 5 pieces. The dress is my favorite, with the striped knit shirt coming in second. I felt like the stylist paid close attention to the things I posted on my Pinterest board (with the dress, specifically) and took my requests to heart. I will be doing another fix when I get back from my trip. You can expect to see those items at the end of May!

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