Sunday Morning Coffee


Sunday morning jasmine tea 🙂

  • First things first, I’m still in that writing competition. My piece this week is a little love story and I would appreciate your vote.
  • The latest episode of Strangers: Love, Good and Bad — It’s really good. I’ve never had feelings about a foghorn.
  • Marisa watched The Slap and so did I.
  • Jolene has kindly agreed to join me on a book research trip to Minneapolis in April and I’m having fun figuring out places where we can have brunch. Because there’s a brunch scene in my book and I like details. And brunch.
  • Stracotto (pot roast) with porcini mushrooms — I made this and it’s delicious.
  • “what’s exhausting is walking around with it
    the tiny slip of a thought
    something that could be true
    but you just can’t bet on it” – from Amy Turn Sharp’s This one is for you
  • My main character’s best friend enjoys One Direction and I have to research that, too. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
  • Instead of sobbing, you write sentences.
  • “I walk. I can always see him. His size does not change as I move forward: he is five feet nine and a half, exactly right. I can still feel the feel of my hand in his hand as I walk.” – from Lottery Tickets by Elizabeth Alexander

Birthday Week List!

It’s been a great week. Shoot, it’s been a great month. November is my favorite month, not only because my birthday falls right in the middle, but also because the weather begins to change. The leaves on the trees around my house are finally changing. The one across the street is a bright red and I know that once it starts to go, the tree in my front yard will follow a few days later. I’ve lived here almost ten years and you start to notice those sorts of things. Why though? I want to know.

  • I received a wonderful (for the most part) Stitch Fix. I might freeze, but the I’m-not-sure-if-it’s-black-or-navy dress is going to be my 30th birthday outfit.
    Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 2.01.46 PM Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 2.01.25 PM
  • Had our first book club in a while. That was actually at the end of October, but it was still great. We’re currently reading my pick, Life After Life by Kate Atkinson.
  • I’ve been reading like crazy. I like it when I’m like this, devouring everything I can get my hands on. I’m almost through all the A Song of Ice and Fire books and I need to slow down with that. Basically one left and I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to leave it alone very long. Lots of poems, a short story here and there. I love reading!

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Gone Writing


I’ve been in a writing competition since March, producing something every week or so, and I’ve somehow made it into the top 100 of this thing. Hard for me to believe. My friend Katie had suggested it to me a long time ago and then again before this round started and I thought, Well, my life isn’t too busy right now. Heh.

There have been long weeks and short weeks. The short weeks appear to be occurring more frequently now and that’s making me nervous. I’ve already used all my “byes”, not even for any good reasons. Well, maybe that one leading up to me being on the plane headed to London was legitimate.

I’m producing all of this stuff. Some of it I’m proud of, some of it was totally phoned in, last minute, “Please don’t vote me off the island” stuff. Everybody has a bad week.

But it’s doing something. Stirring up things on the bottom. There is churning and it’s weird and good. When you’ve gone a long time without dipping in to that part of yourself where things are alive and happening, then you do…eek. I mean, it’s scary but it’s also wonderful. It reminds me of the time we cleaned out the fish pond (a cement well house that had an attached “cement pond” — no idea how else to describe it) at Granny and Paw Paw’s. We found an old rubber ball and all manner of things that had fallen into it over time. That pond had been smooth like glass as long as I could remember. Even though the bottom was dark, everything had settled. Then we started to clean it and everything churned up into this disgusting mess.

It was all fun until I decided to sit on the edge staring into the water like Narcissus and fell right in. Twenty years of fish pond sludge is enough to make anyone cry.