Stitch Fix #4

Note – Most of the people who land here looking for info about Stitch Fix are asking questions about plus sizing options. As of right now, there are none at Stitch Fix. Currently they only offer up to a size 12/14/XL. If you are looking for a plus size option, I’ve heard great things about Gwynnie Bee, though I haven’t tried it myself.

I know what you’re thinking.

Elizabeth, where is Stitch Fix #3?

Well. It was here and then it was gone. It was the most “meh” fix so far and I really should have taken photos of it. Not “meh” as in bad. “Meh” because I had something almost identical to every item in the fix and the items didn’t appear to be of any great quality (see the bottom of this post for an update on an old fix). Oh, and then there was an $80 pair of jeggings. I sent back everything but a navy tank with some embroidery on the front, just so I wouldn’t lose the styling fee.

I think I’ll take another few months off after this fix and maybe get one right before my birthday. WHICH IS IN LIKE 2 MONTHS. Gah.

Here we are at #4. I took a couple months off because the last fix was just too similar to things I already had and I thought it would be nice to wait for a new fix for fall.



First item — Fun2Fun – Richard Pleated Lace Detailed Blouse

This is fine, but once again a little too similar to something I already own. The cut is forgiving, but not very flattering. Looks too much like a maternity top. All that plus the $48 price tag…




Second item — Pomelo – Brentwood Tiered Striped Sheath Dress

Super comfortable and easy to wear. I like this a lot. Threw a cardigan over it because there’s a little too much exposed arm for my taste. (It’s sleeveless. I rarely do sleeveless without a cardigan.) I’d wear a different one with it, but this one was handy for the purpose of a blog post. Once again, we’ve got a diagonal pattern here like the dress in my second fix and that’s really flattering. I don’t own anything quite like this. It’s $68 and one of the pricier items in the fix.




Third item — Marlyn Schiff – Willa Bar Drop Earrings

$28. Without knowing what they are made of, there’s no way I’m keeping them and putting them in my very sensitive ears.




Fourth item — Olive & Oak – Mulliken Raglan Striped Knit Shirt

Maybe my favorite item this time around. Sooners understand! Perfect shirt for football season. I’m sure there are some Texas A&M fans who wouldn’t be opposed to it either ;) It’s simple, comfortable, and cute. Rings up at $48.

Verdict: KEEPING


Fifth item — Solid Design Lab – Mylee Tulip Hem Skinny Jean (not pictured)

Got another pair of jeans with this fix. I’m going to have to specify that I do not want any jeans because I refuse to pay that price for something I’m not head-over-heels in love with. I could tell they wouldn’t button, even though they are technically the correct size. At $98, there’s just no way.



Pretty good fix. Worth it to me just for the last top. What do you all think about the dress?



A little update on my first fix from back in April. The striped blouse (first one pictured in that post) has seen some mileage since then. I took it to the UK with me and wore it twice. I think I’ve worn it maybe 4 other times, bringing it to about 6 appearances total and I have to let you know this thing is WRECKED. Okay, it’s not falling apart at the seams, but it has become so misshapen, no matter how gently I have washed it. It looks so warped. This is the sort of thing I expect from something I bought at Forever 21 for $9, NOT something I paid 40 bucks for. I’ve not seen a lot of people address the quality of items after a few months of wear, so I thought this might help someone else out if they were wondering. Most of the other items seem to be holding up well. I’ll keep you posted on that.

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Painting the Kitchen

I’ve lived in this house almost 10 years now. The kitchen was the first thing we painted because it had this awful plaid wallpaper that refused to budge (we probably could have tried harder, but decided to read up on painting over wallpaper and went that route) and a floral print border on the top. The 80s and 90s were weird.

My decor ideas at the time were pretty bold. I like colors and I wasn’t afraid of putting something bright on my walls. The house came with a mustard yellow fridge that was nearly as ancient as the house itself and since we decided to leave that and use it for as long as it would last, I embraced the retro feel of the place and went with a color called “Shallow Valley” for the walls and a shade of black for the border.



Eventually I got a more rustic table cloth to cover the hideous table top and in the light of day it looked really nice. I had the color the entire time I’ve lived here, up until yesterday when mom and I finally got around to painting the walls again.

kitchen - valspar - distant valley


I’m pleased with the way it looks this morning. Last night I was worried it was going to be a little too “baby boy nursery,” but it ended up being the pale hue I was hoping for.



Now I have a decision to make. That border. I don’t understand it. The thing serves no purpose. I could have so much more cabinet space if it weren’t for that thing. But it’s there and I’ve got to work with it and I need some help.

My initial idea was to paint it the same white as the trim, but I’m having second thoughts. I feel like painting it white will leave it little underwhelming. It will also mean I’ll need to repaint the cabinets sooner. With the new white against the old I think the old will look pretty drab and need a new coat of paint. That’s not a job I want to take on right now, so I’m trying to come up with ideas for this thing. I’ve scrolled through pages and pages of images on Pinterest, but I’m not really sure what to look for. Valspar has some suggested palettes and I do need to keep in mind that the living room (which is visible from the kitchen) is in Valspar’s “Milestone” (not quite this dark in real life):


Ideas? I need some help!

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What A Day Looks Like

I’ve officially been working from home for 2 years now. Okay, maybe a little less. Those first few months were basically Skyrim, caffeinated beverages, and Taco Bell. It’s taken me some time to hit my stride and find a good schedule that works for me and there are still days when all of that gets thrown out the window. There’s some normalcy now though — I’m not always on the lookout for a new project (I’ve got steady work with one company, plus here-and-there work with one writer) and that makes things a whole lot easier.


The day starts whenever I feel like starting. I know, there are some people thinking how lucky that is and that they’d sleep in. Well. I’m a morning person. “Sleeping in” usually falls somewhere around 8am.

First thing I do is start the tea kettle or coffee maker. Haven’t been drinking as much coffee recently. Don’t get concerned. It’s out of laziness. Grinding the beans, yada yada. Filling the kettle with water and having tea (peppermint or lemon and ginger) is so much faster.

Next I get down to work. I handle a lot of social media and blogging duties for a company and its CEO, so I make the rounds on Twitter seeing what needs responding and if there’s anything breaking in the world of startups and technology that needs retweeting. I keep in contact with guest bloggers, edit and schedule their posts, and keep all of that in order. Sometimes there’s a lot of work to do, sometimes it’s normal, everyday duties. There are times when a big project falls out of the sky and then I tackle it. I like the steadiness of knowing what needs to be done every day with the occasional new thing. Keeps me on my toes.

That’s all before noon. I stop and have lunch, either here or out if I’ve made a lunch date with a friend. I use early afternoon to get chores done around the house or to run errands and usually begin prepping dinner in there somewhere.

By the time all of that is done, it’s early evening and I’m usually double checking to see if I need to respond to anything else or do anymore scheduling. I’ll check on those things periodically through the evening if I’m waiting on something important or if I see a notification pop up.

Now, all of this can change a lot when I’ve got a manuscript to edit. Those have a “fall out of the sky” nature to them as well and when I get them, I get them and they have to be done. I’ve got a great working relationship with an author and I’ve edited a few of her books and done a tiny bit of ghostwriting. Those are a fun change from the stuff I’m normally working on and a great way to earn a little extra.

That’s my workday. Roughly. I never know what’s going to happen and sometimes on a whim I go looking for some new, quick work and that’s fun, too.

The best part of this whole thing is that I have time. Time to do the things I want. All the travel, writing, and side projects I’ve worked on recently would not have been possible if I hadn’t decided to try working from home. I’m still learning how this freelance thing works, but I have picked up quite a bit over the past couple years. I’ve got a few posts planned about that and I welcome your questions if you have any! This was a scary step, quitting a traditional job to do who knows what. But you know what? It can be done. I’m not stuffing envelopes or answering phones (what some people assume), I’m making more than I did at my old office job, and I have so much more freedom.

Questions about freelancing? Do you work from home or at some other non-traditional office job? How do you manage your time?

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