Sunday Morning Coffee

The heat hasn’t been turned on in this house yet. Seems a little early when we’ve got a week of highs in the 80s looming ahead of us. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted already, what with waking up and finding the temperature in the house hovering somewhere in the low 60s thanks to these cooler nights. I’m going to try to hold out at least another week. If my sinuses stage a mutiny, you know why.

Orange spice tea with a squeeze of lemon this morning. The real deal, not that orange drink mix thing, though that’s absolutely delicious as well.

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Listening Lately

Trees For Skies – Ruth Moody
I heard a little of her recently and had to search for more. One of my current favorites.

How many times will you and I
Spend the whole day runnin’ around so we can say goodbye
Well I promise you for every time I go
There will be another where I come on home

When You’re Here – John Fullbright
If you only listen to one or two, listen to these songs by Oklahoma native John Fullbright.

The One That Lives Too Far – John Fullbright

Hold On, We’re Going Home – Daniela Andrade & Jon Lawless
I’m not into the original so much, but I do like this cover.

Blush – Mr. Twin Sister
I’ve been listening to a lot of different playlists on Songza while I work and I’m discovering some new things I like.

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Picture Shows & Petticoats with Marisa!


This week I had the pleasure of discussing the latest episode of Outlander with Marisa Mohi. I’ve known Marisa since college when we took all of the writing classes together. Literally, like all of them. You can trust her to be a great podcast guest because 1) she’s an awesome writer (Seriously. Hers were some of the few critiques I knew I could count on and trust in class. Another story for another time.), 2) she’s witty as all get out (see all posts by Marisa on the Lost Ogle for proof), and 3) because she loves Outlander and it’s sort of necessary for this podcast.

It was truly a pleasure because this was THE WEDDING EPISODE and…

have mercy

For real, y’all.

So, if you like the show, go listen to us talk about it. And don’t forget to connect with the podcast. There are a number of ways!


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