The Trip, Part 3: Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, British Library, and St. Paul’s

London - Victoria Memorial

Sunday morning, after I lingered in bed a little while, I had breakfast and walked down to the bus stop to catch a bus going in the opposite direction of the one I’d gone the day before. I had no real idea where I was going, only a plan to make it back to Trafalgar Square later. I ended up making it to Camden Market, hopping off the bus for a bit and having a look around. That was probably the most crowded place I encountered in London. I wasn’t really in the mood and the crowds made it even less appealing, but I would like to go back sometime. After getting my fill of that, I got back on a bus, this time a double-decker and you know, when in Rome, went to the top and moved to the front and rode it to goodness knows where and back again.

London - Victoria Memorial

I got off the bus at Trafalgar Square and walked down The Mall to Buckingham Palace.

London - The Mall


There’s a guy jumping on someone’s back.

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The Trip, Part 2: The Queen, Tate Britain, and the V&A

My first morning in London I woke up very early. There were birds chirping because it was already light outside. I grabbed my phone and scrolled through Twitter to see what people back home were doing as their nights came to a close. How strange, to be on the other side of the ocean, awake at 5am, reading people’s observations about The Tonight Show. Strange for me because I’ve been on the other side of it for so long.

I made myself turn over and go back to sleep. It was too early, my hostess was still sleeping, and what would I do in London at that hour anyway? I was happy enough to drift back to sleep in my cozy bed for a few more hours.

The bed. Now, remember, this entire trip was an Airbnb adventure. I’m glad I made the decision to go that route because I experienced a lot that I wouldn’t have otherwise. There was one aspect of this particular place that I was unsure about, even though I knew it was often the case in these scenarios — I was putting the hostess out of her room. Whenever she has a guest she sets up camp in her living area, a room with two couches, an assortment of tables, afghans everywhere, and these floor-to-ceiling windows that still invade my dreams. All that to say, sometimes when you Airbnb, you kick a stranger out of their own bed. I was too tired at night to really be bothered that much.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 11.15.14 AM


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Sunday Morning Coffee


It’s Mother’s Day. I spent yesterday with my mom and granny, weathering storms in southern Oklahoma. This morning I’m drinking Tribute Blend. Tomorrow something new starts. More on that when I have it figured out.

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