The Thistle & the Prairie-fire

My baby brother humored me the other day when I visited and he drove me on some of his oilfield rounds. He humored me by stopping the truck numerous times and letting me hop out to take photos. Ryan, I owe you some gas money!

Tall thistle

Indian paintbrushes & Black swallowtail butterfly
Larger version

Indian paintbrushes & Black swallowtail butterfly

I followed the Black swallowtail butterfly a little ways across the hillside, but I was a little afraid of running into rattle snakes or something so I gave up and walked back to the truck…with a handful of wildflowers.

“You are not bringing those into my truck!”

Sheesh dude. (I did it anyway, though I was nice and put them inside a bag I’d brought along.)

I think I will use this post title for a short story idea that I had recently. Regarding that, I’m going to have to do some thinking about it, but I was considering occasionally posting some fiction here. Would anyone be interested? I’m not too sure about it yet (publication concerns and whatnot).