Elizabeth Michelle + Help me pick a design!

You probably noticed a change or two around here. If you’re still clicking on a link to MissWisabus.com or typing that in yourself, look up just a little and you’ll see that you’re being forwarded to my new address — Elizabeth-Michelle.com.

I’d been thinking about a change for a while. It’s been a long time since anyone (other than blog readers) called me “Miss Wisabus” and I have been out of that particular line of work for a while. The mispronunciation can be difficult to pronounce itself and I think it confused some people who didn’t already know my name. That name will always be a part of my identity — who knows, I may have small children in my life again someday who find “Elizabeth” too difficult to get out. In the interest of being more professional and being true to who I am now, I thought it was a good idea to look into a new name.

Deciding on a this new moniker took me a while. I wanted something that was truly me, but I knew that using my first and last name (either maiden or married surname) was not the direction I wanted to go in. My maiden name is far too common and my married name doesn’t have the kind of flow that I would prefer. I’ve tossed around names in my head for a while as far as what nom de plume I would like to grace the cover of any books I may have published in the future. Finally it dawned on me that the answer had been in front of me all along.

My middle name.

I’ve never been partial to it and certainly never had much connection to it as my name all these years. I don’t even think my parents had a huge affinity for it when they gave me the name. In some ways I associate it more with something my mom would say whenever I was in trouble (“Elizabeth Michelle Johnson, you get in here right now!”) than anything else. But it’s a beautiful name, no matter what kind of connections I have with it and it has the sort of sound I’m going for. Plus, I love anything that contains “elle”. It flows right off the pen.

So that is how I came around to the change in my domain name. The Twitter username wasn’t as easy to come by and I had to settle for a sort of abbreviation (@ElizabethMelle), but I’m happy with it. Now people will know my name is Elizabeth 🙂

With all that done, I knew I could finally get the business cards that I am going to review for Minted.com. I’m really excited to be getting a stack of these lovely things because I needed some updated ones to carry with me to Allume at the end of October, but there are so many to choose from that I’m having a very difficult time narrowing it down to my favorite one. There are a couple that I’m leaning toward, but I’m going to keep those to myself so as not to sway the vote one way or another.

Would you mind taking a look and telling me which design you like best? You can vote in the poll at the end and feel free to leave any additional comments you may have. Many of the designs are available in different colors, but I picked the ones that I liked best. (Any weird outlines you may see on the cards are the result of my poor cropping skills and will not be on the final product.)

(Images courtesy of Minted. Review of these business cards coming soon!)
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