Tuesday List

  • Had a good weekend at home with my parents and grandparents. I drove down for church with all of them, had lunch, and then spent the afternoon in the country.
  • Mom and I went blackberry picking. On our way to find some bushes that had berries on them at Granny and Paw Paw’s house, we encountered some grasshoppers. Typical Oklahoma summer. I am the one that’s freaking out. You have one hit you in the face and see what you do!
  • We made it out with about a gallon of blackberries. Mom sent all of them home with me and most of them are in the freezer waiting to be turned into a delicious cobbler at some point in the future. We were just a few days early for the blackberries at Granny’s house. There were lots of red and green ones on the vine, so I’ll head down later this week to pick more with Mom.
  • Already enjoyed some fresh blackberries with homemade whipped cream. Yum.
  • After the blackberry picking, I rode around in the truck with Paw Paw and looked at cattle and farm equipment. We fed some of the cows, looked at new calves, and he humored me and stopped to let me take photos when I asked 🙂 I’ll share some of those later this week or next.
  • I like this song. Can’t help it. Doesn’t it make you want to dance around?
  • I’ve found a lot of new music that I’m enjoying. So, there may be a few new “Listening Lately”s coming up.
  • The writing is going slowly right now, but good. I’m doing a lot of research currently and that’s taking up quite a bit of time.
  • Happy 51st birthday to my dad tomorrow!

Getting ready for Read-A-Thon

The books are stacked. The cabinet is full of snacks. I’ve got things ready for my mini-challenge (one of the first ones, so drop by early in the morning on Saturday to join in). And for the first time, I’m going to attempt a full 24 hours. In the past I think I’ve aimed for maybe 12 and usually end up around that much or a little over. The thing is, I have church the next morning so I end up going to bed instead of staying up overnight.

So I’m doing things a little differently. I will be starting sometime on Friday evening (hour TBD), reading through the night and into the morning, possibly grabbing a nap around 10am CST, and continuing on with the Read-A-Thon into the evening. Then, of course, I’ll be tuning in on Sunday morning to cheer on the people who have been awake for more than 24 hours at this point.

Since I’ve never done the full amount of time before, I really have no idea what those last few hours are going to be like. Possibly like the time my dad decided we were going to drive straight through from Oklahoma to Las Vegas in one day and I was so afraid that I was going to die in a fiery crash in the middle of the Nevada desert that I wouldn’t go to sleep. This fear did have some basis — I was the last person in the vehicle who was awake other than the driver and it was 2am. There’s usually some reason behind my seemingly insane decisions.

Anyway, here are my books!

my Read-A-Thon stack

I’ll go into more detail about why I chose them and explain why there are so many of them later!