The Trip, Part 4: Trains, Birmingham, and Edinburgh

train station

Train to Birmingham

I rushed around that morning to make it to Victoria Station to catch the tube to Euston, where I was going on my first train ride. I don’t know if it was nerves or what, but both times the train made me feel just a little sick. This train ride was the one where I think someone was in my seat, because I know I bought the seat by the window, but by the time I got there the young lady had her breakfast spread out everywhere and was absorbed in The Crimson Field (which caught my eye and I later identified because the last time I saw that actress was when she got stabbed in the baby during the “Rains of Castamere”). Continue reading “The Trip, Part 4: Trains, Birmingham, and Edinburgh”

New episode

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We recorded a new episode yesterday and it’s available for your listening pleasure. Topics include my trip, Jolene’s upcoming trip to Poland, packing carry-on only, and how I would be okay if there was never another superhero movie ever again.