OK in a Box

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Last week I received a package in the mail from the folks at OK in a Box. What a treat! This is a new company offering a selection of made in Oklahoma items mailed to your house monthly.

Here’s what was in the first box:

  • Gourmet Apple Spread from Southern Okie in Edmond
  • Cinnamon Sugar Pecans from Valley View Pecan Company in Shawnee
  • Spunky Spuds! Seasoning Mix and Holey Guacamole! Seasoning Mix from Maria Rae’s in Enid
  • Onion and Garlic Instant Meat Marinade by Daddy Hinkle’s in Cleveland

I had never tried any of these before so it was all an adventure. So far I have tried the pecans, which are 100% delicious and addictive, and the apple spread (also wonderful). There are lots of ways you could incorporate either of those into a recipe and one thing I did was top some slow cooked steel cut oats with both the pecans and apple spread. Oh my lands, was it ever good.

Right now I have some guacamole waiting to be tried at lunch time. I would have had it before now but my avocados were taking forever to ripen, which of course only happens when I want to make guacamole immediately. I’ll be using the marinade for dinner later this week on either steaks or a roast of some kind…maybe a pork loin? Still thinking that over. Whichever one I choose, it’ll be paired with seasoned potatoes and I’ll come to tell you how those things taste.

You all know how much I love Oklahoma, so I was thrilled to get to check out one of these boxes. I think it’s a great gift idea (Christmas is 7 weeks away!), especially if you have family or friends that no longer live in the state (it can be mailed anywhere in the US!), or know someone like my New York pal, Jolene, who has come to love the place during her many visits.

This is exciting! OK in a Box has kindly offered $10 off your first order to any of my readers who subscribe using this link. Let me know what you think! You can also find them on Facebook.

OK in a Box provided me with a free box of goodies in exchange for a review. All opinions are mine.