The End


– Had a rainy wander through the Highlands. When I come back I want to explore that area more.

– Of course the one day it rains on me in Scotland is the one day it would have been great to have a little visibility.


– My last day in Edinburgh was spent in the New Town. I shopped at Jenners, visited some of the galleries, and walked through Prince’s Street Gardens.

– I didn’t buy tartan panties, but I thought long and hard about it. Oh they weren’t for me. They were going to be a gift *cough*Jolene*cough*. Naturally, I already own some.


– I took a cab for the first time this morning! Cabs are fun 🙂

– Leaving the place was a little more emotional than arriving. I knew I would enjoy this trip, but I had no idea how much.


– I saw the Statue of Liberty and the New York City skyline when I landed earlier. That was fun!

– It’s the middle of the night to my body and I’d like to be snuggled up in bed, but I’m waiting here for a plane to OKC. How many gate changes will this thing have before we take off?

I’ll probably write a big post about the whole trip sometime later. Now I’m in a dreamy daze. It’s been a long day to end a couple of weeks full of amazing experiences. Thank you for encouraging me 🙂