Five Minute Friday: Home

I often write about home. To me, that conjures up images of where I am from, not where I currently live. But I’m being unfair and shortchanging this little place. If I had never lived here, I might not have ever figured out just how much more I love living in the country.

For the past 8 years, I have lived in this tiny white house in the middle of a medium sized college town. The first time I stepped a foot inside it and saw the bedroom with a wall that was one huge bookshelf, I knew I would live here. I felt it deep down inside that this was a place where I would breathe and sleep and eat and read and grow.

More big things have happened to me since I moved into this house than any of my previous homes. I cried, I cooked, I had roommates, I fell in love, I got married, I cried more. I found and left jobs. Late nights I spent writing and reading, finishing my English degree. Getting up going to class and then to work and…I became an adult here.

It was the first place I lived alone. Where I shut the door behind me and I was the only one left inside.

I started this a different way and then went back and began again, even though that’s not what this is all about. Some stories are not ready to be told.

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Five Minute Friday

Tuesday List

  • Had a good weekend at home with my parents and grandparents. I drove down for church with all of them, had lunch, and then spent the afternoon in the country.
  • Mom and I went blackberry picking. On our way to find some bushes that had berries on them at Granny and Paw Paw’s house, we encountered some grasshoppers. Typical Oklahoma summer. I am the one that’s freaking out. You have one hit you in the face and see what you do!
  • We made it out with about a gallon of blackberries. Mom sent all of them home with me and most of them are in the freezer waiting to be turned into a delicious cobbler at some point in the future. We were just a few days early for the blackberries at Granny’s house. There were lots of red and green ones on the vine, so I’ll head down later this week to pick more with Mom.
  • Already enjoyed some fresh blackberries with homemade whipped cream. Yum.
  • After the blackberry picking, I rode around in the truck with Paw Paw and looked at cattle and farm equipment. We fed some of the cows, looked at new calves, and he humored me and stopped to let me take photos when I asked 🙂 I’ll share some of those later this week or next.
  • I like this song. Can’t help it. Doesn’t it make you want to dance around?
  • I’ve found a lot of new music that I’m enjoying. So, there may be a few new “Listening Lately”s coming up.
  • The writing is going slowly right now, but good. I’m doing a lot of research currently and that’s taking up quite a bit of time.
  • Happy 51st birthday to my dad tomorrow!

A Week of Good Things

I borrowed this shirt (I’m a Pepper!) and drove a big loop down south to my parents’ place, across to Duncan, and back up to my house. Along the way I helped my mom and dad move Mom’s biological mother (mom was adopted in her late teens) into a nursing home. They moved her up from Texas so that she could be closer and someone would be able to take care of her affairs.

There was a red sunrise, all smoky and spooky looking.

I signed my officemate’s daughter’s yearbook. It made me want to write a letter to a younger version of myself. Now we just need to figure out how to send mail through a wormhole. And locate a wormhole.

I wore my Scottie pajamas. They are soft and cozy and I love them. Sorta like my Scottie.

I read. I can see how “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s right up my alley.

Clouds exploded overhead Monday evening, signaling the end of a long holiday weekend.

Moments later rain began pouring down and we got a heavy burst of showers there for about 10 minutes. Tuesday night was even rowdier as huge hail stones pummeled many parts of the OKC metro area. We escaped that part unscathed and managed to keep power all night as far as I know. There was a moment when sparks flew from a powerline in the backyard and we haven’t been able to see what went on back there.

This afternoon and tonight have the potential to be doozies, so please pay attention to your weather alerts. Things are never boring around here, are they? 🙂