There is something

There is something about being here…
I find it hard to explain. Whenever I talk to people about going home
or the drive home and how it’s my favorite drive ever…
how the same stretch of road, northbound instead of south
is just
not the same,


I think I confuse them. At least,
if they have never known home as a place.
I understand home as a concept of people and hearts and souls connecting,
how walls and concrete and landmarks don’t always have to be a part of it.

But let me tell you something.

When there are walls and buildings…pastures and streams,
trees that your great-grandparents got married under,
churches where people came to know the Lord,
an ancient shady grove that was home to revivals and picnics,
a piece of land once home to a tribe,
hard clay soil turned over and made to produce crops…
when these places co-exist
and carry the memories of those people and hearts and souls — my memories, my parents’ and grandparents’ memories — I’m telling you, that is something.

Sometimes, I think people don’t get it
when I say you couldn’t drag me away from here.
How in my mind I can
fly, fly away
and breathe and live and enjoy
all the rest of the world that God has made, but my feet are like anchors and here I will remain.

We cannot be young twice

sunset over my parents' pond

♥ We cannot be young twice; we cannot turn upon our steps, and go back to gather the garlands we gathered ten years ago. And, therefore, with a gaze over on the cross upon the distant hills, and a remembrance always of the shadow land that lies beyond, let us endeavor to be contented with small things, and to make ourselves happy in the pleasantness of simple pleasures. – Holme Lee
♥ seeing our streetlight from the sky
♥ celebrating with family
♥ the first day of Autumn
♥ reconnecting
♥ a new book that you can’t put down
♥ The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands. – Psalm 19:1
♥ painting bright colors over dark
♥ ushering in the season
♥ welcoming the chill
♥ hearing the high school marching band practice early in the morning
♥ trips back home
♥ the -ember months