40 Reasons Why I Write

This morning Marisa shared her own reasons for writing and pointed back to the challenge that Bryan Hutchinson at Positive Writer started. I thought it would be a great exercise for me to sit down and contemplate why I write, so I minimized Marisa’s post and didn’t read any further so I could go into my own list without any other influences and share it here.

Here we go. Forty reasons why I write.

  1. It comes naturally to me.
  2. I love stories.
  3. I believe I was born for it. This is the thing I have to give the world.
  4. It gives me a sense of freedom.
  5. I feel accomplished when a story is done.
  6. I feel frustrated, but inspired to work through it, when I am stuck in a story.
  7. To illuminate truth and beauty.
  8. Honestly? Because I have a deadline.
  9. I see stories everywhere.
  10. The mundane interests me because I feel like there is so much beneath the surface–this is what I want to share. Life and value in people/places/things that so much of the world forgets.
  11. It was one of the first things I realized I could do on my own.
  12. There is history to be recorded.
  13. I believe every voice has value.
  14. I want to be heard.
  15. I want to be appreciated.
  16. I would like to be famous for something and singing the B.C. Clark jingle didn’t work.
  17. I have been writing, or trying to, for as long as I can remember.
  18. As a child I wanted to read and practicing writing improved my reading.
  19. There were stories in my head from a young age and I wanted to put them on paper.
  20. I had a lot of notebooks.
  21. Writing opened the door to more complex, critical thinking.
  22. I communicate better through written words than speaking face to face.
  23. I feel most myself when I am writing.
  24. I like the community that surrounds it.
  25. It is rather solitary, but through writing groups I have learned a lot. Including which writing groups not to join.
  26. I love complex sentences.
  27. I feel like it’s a skill not so many people have anymore, for the most part because they don’t exercise it.
  28. My first kindergarten memory is the inflammation that turned into a callus on my middle finger. My teacher said it would go away when I wrote more. Twenty-seven years later, it’s still a little callused.
  29. I’m paid to write.
  30. I kept an almost daily journal for most of my life.
  31. Writing got me through rough times.
  32. Journaling was a door into more serious writing.
  33. People generally left me alone when I was writing (brothers, annoying boys sitting near me at school).
  34. I’m good at it.
  35. It’s something I own.
  36. I thrived on praise, and probably still do a little, and hearing my teachers compliment this skill was the encouragement I needed.
  37. I “told stories” when I was a kid. Only sometimes I framed them like they were real and wouldn’t say until the end that I had made it up. Writing things down instead of telling them meant I didn’t get in trouble for lying.
  38. My favorite book heroines were writers.
  39. Anne Shirley Blythe. Yes, she gets her own number on this list.
  40. I want to leave a mark.

Over-brimmed with spring

elizabethmichelle snowflake mitten

♥ Some old things can be a good idea. Postcards are one of those things. – Just Grace, Charise Mericle Harper
♥ In the shadows that she paints
  Lie the stories she can’t tell
♥ short stories
♥ walks in the city
She will raise the windows high
Let the light come streaming in
And though the wind will burn her eyes
She will learn to breathe again

♥ studying maps
♥ letters in the mail
♥ new babies
♥ the last of the frosty sunrises
Here in the moving shadows
I catch my breath and sing—
My heart is fresh and fearless
And over-brimmed with spring.
– Sara Teasdale

Fifty More Facts

  1. I want to take an aerial silks class. When I reach a particular goal I’ve set for myself, this is my reward.
  2. I am a mezzo-soprano.
  3. I have terrible stage fright about singing.
  4. Someone once wrote a song about me. It’s very unflattering.
  5. I thought the air guitar was an actual thing for a really long time.
  6. I hate banana flavored things. Same goes for grape. I don’t mind the actual fruits though.
  7. I’ve still never jumped into any body of water.
  8. I’ve only been to the real ocean three times.
  9. I’m pretty bad at blog commenting. I read blogs all the time and think about commenting but don’t always know what to say. Then I feel guilty about it and they pile up and I eventually go on a commenting marathon.
  10. One of my pet peeves is when people mispronounce words. This is also a great fear of mine. When I was a child I think it helped me develop a bigger vocabulary — whenever I didn’t know how to say a word I would have to come up with a synonym.
  11. I have a well documented obsession with candles and other things that make my house smell nice.
  12. I have the opposite of an obsession with cleaning my house.
  13. My taste in music is very eclectic. I like show tunes, bluegrass, some pop, early 90s soft rock, angry girl music, the occasional rap song, Barbra Streisand, and most everything in between.
  14. Except death metal. I can’t stand it.
  15. I like to read poetry. I don’t always understand it, but I enjoy it. Sometimes I think it’s more about feeling it than understanding it anyway.
  16. I understand things by feeling 🙂
  17. I am an INFP.
  18. And an HSP.
  19. I am Sanguine-melancholic.
  20. As far as that goes, I have a mixture of the good characteristics from both types, but my bad ones are mainly sanguine.
  21. I like defining things.
  22. I do not like pretzels, but I will eat them in a pinch (e.g., on a plane or if they are the only thing left in a bag of Gardetto’s or Chex Mix).
  23. At high altitudes my hair behaves itself and is very wavy/curly. I can’t explain this phenomenon.
  24. The first time I flew was in 2007.
  25. I think maybe I’m kinda nerdy.
  26. Nerd fact: I used to play text-based RPGs online. And honestly? They were really fun and a pretty good writing exercise if you’re playing one where you do more than “Remove mace from pack,” “Wield mace,” and “Hit knight with mace.” You guys thought I was kidding.
  27. I play Skyrim and I’m really looking forward to Elder Scrolls Online.
  28. I developed allergies as an adult/when I moved to Norman. I don’t know if it’s related to where I’m living or if I was fated to develop them once I got older.
  29. My favorite pie is cherry, followed closely by pecan pie with no pecans, and then coconut creme. I also really like my Nannie’s recipe for apple creme, but that recipe always seems hit or miss depending on the apples.
  30. I’ve only been admitted to the hospital twice since birth — meningitis at 2 and 1/2 and tonsillectomy at 8.
  31. Almost as a rule, I detest Will Ferrell movies.
  32. I will watch Elf.
  33. I love the Dirty Harry movies.
  34. When I learned to shoot, I said I wanted “whatever Harry Callahan shoots.” Luckily my instructor had a better idea of what I could handle than I did.
  35. The first episode of Doctor Who that I ever watched was “Doomsday.” It wasn’t on purpose and I didn’t have a clue what I was seeing. I was home from college one weekend, watching BBC America, and there it was.
  36. The second one I saw was “The Girl In The Fireplace.” If you really know me and you know those episodes, I think you can figure out that they were the perfect place for me to start.
  37. I joined my local 4H chapter in 3rd grade (age 8) so I could go to writing contests. To my horror, I came in 3rd place for the poetry contest and 1st place for the essay. Horror, because I knew I was destined to be a poet and essays were dumb! (I seriously said this.)
  38. I have super vivid dreams and I am usually able to recall at least one every night. Nightmares are very rare for me.
  39. I own a dozen hippy dippy books on childbirth.
  40. I would like to write for EastEnders.
  41. I have never attended a midnight opening screening for any film and I can’t ever imagine myself doing it in the future.
  42. I HATE crowds of people.
  43. My favorite time of day to see a movie is noon, when it’s just me and 5 other people.
  44. I have hitchhiker’s thumbs.
  45. On one side of my family (Walters) I am the oldest of 23 great-grandchildren.
  46. I learned prepositions in alphabetical order in 6th grade and I can still recite them from memory.
  47. In 2nd grade I sang “Yakety Yak” in a school musical. I was a mom with a baby on her hip, wagging my finger at kids who refused to do their chores.
  48. In college I took a vocal performance class and sang “My Lord, What A Morning” and “He Shall Feed His Flock.” I wish I had pursued this further.
  49. My cousin Heather is one of my best friends. Aside from seeing each other a few times at vacation bible school when we were little, we really didn’t meet until we decided to room together in college.
  50. Her wedding was the first time I served as a bridesmaid.