Listening Lately

Jolene told me I need to stop sitting on these things and instead to get around to posting them so she has new music to hear. So here you go.

The Words – Christina Perri

Okay, this one. It’s got “words” in the title and that’s probably what grabbed me, but I stuck around for the dreary weather and the guy growing orchids and chopping wood. Then I got really scared that this was a dead girlfriend song and I kept praying it wasn’t and what I’m saying is please stick around because it’s NOT a dead girlfriend song. It’s better. And that part where she steps into the tub with her jeans on? I want to write a story about that.

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Listening Lately

Trees For Skies – Ruth Moody
I heard a little of her recently and had to search for more. One of my current favorites.

How many times will you and I
Spend the whole day runnin’ around so we can say goodbye
Well I promise you for every time I go
There will be another where I come on home

When You’re Here – John Fullbright
If you only listen to one or two, listen to these songs by Oklahoma native John Fullbright.

The One That Lives Too Far – John Fullbright

Hold On, We’re Going Home – Daniela Andrade & Jon Lawless
I’m not into the original so much, but I do like this cover.

Blush – Mr. Twin Sister
I’ve been listening to a lot of different playlists on Songza while I work and I’m discovering some new things I like.