Tuesday List

I was at dinner with my parents a week or so ago and my dad mentioned that I’d all but quit posting anything on my blog.

Well. It’s true. I’m doing the sort of work that zaps me of any creative spark. When this contract is finished, I hope to get back into things around here.

Until then, a list.

  1. This simple little song from Ellie Goulding makes me very happy.
  2. The movie that is featured in the video is About Time. It will be released November 1 (in the US, already out in the UK) and I think I’ll go ahead and celebrate the start of my birth month that way.
  3. Jolene will be here in just over a week! We have big plans for her time here and most of it will be documented here, on her blog, and probably with videos over at Pickled Okra.
  4. We’ve also got a new episode for you!
  5. I ordered my first Lisa Leonard piece yesterday. She was running a special (free earrings, yay!) and I couldn’t pass it up. I’ve been eyeing the vintage typewriter necklace since it debuted and I finally ordered one for myself. I ended up with the letter “e,” my birthstone (topaz/citrine), and I added a garnet, because I think that together the colors are perfect for autumn.
  6. I’d like to end my list with this GIF that I dedicate to Jolene:

My Favorite Songs From Musicals — Part 1

Here we go with round one. Guidelines are as follows:

  • Musical, n. A play or movie that contains musical numbers. (I thought I was going to have to play fast and loose with this business, but that’s about as general as you can get, so I’m good!)
  • I’m counting down, but as of the beginning of this thing I haven’t numbered them. There are approximately 100 on the list and I’ll be posting 20-25 per day over the next week.
  • I have comments for some, but not all. Some of them aren’t sentimental for me, I just like them.
  • I tend to prefer the songs I like to sing. So, most of these are probably sung by women.

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50 of My Favorite Films — Honorable Mentions

My honorable mentions list has grown and shrunk over the course of this endeavor. In all likelihood I could have had a list of 100 films, but that would have been pretty watered down and who wants that? Plus it would have taken twice as long. You all have been patient enough 🙂

So, on my list of films that didn’t quite make the cut, or that I saw after I began assembling the list (over a year ago), are these (in a very particular order — from ones I like to ones I really really like):

Samt el qusur (The Silences of the Palace)

This film holds the distinction of being the first feature-length movie to be directed by a woman in the Arab world, though I didn’t know that when I stumbled upon in on some world movie channel when I was in 8th grade. It is a dark picture of the memories of a girl who grew up as the child of a kitchen maid in a palace in Tunisia. The story and the acting are excellent. It offers a very unique perspective.


Oy vey.

If my mom read my blog she would be rolling her eyes right now. I LOVE THIS MOVIE. Babs, Mandy Patinkin (LOVE HIM), the cinematography, and the gorgeous music. It’s the music that really gets me. Forget about “Papa, Can You Hear Me?”, there are so many gorgeous songs in this film.

“Will Someone Ever Look At Me That Way” — Can’t everyone understand that feeling? Gah! Unrequited love.

“The Way He Makes Me Feel” — Oh my lands.
There’s no storm yet I hear thunder
And I’m breathless, why, I wonder
Weak one moment then the next I’m fine
I feel as if I’m falling
Every time I close my eyes

A Walk to Remember

I’ve written at length about my feelings on this movie.

The Notebook

No need to explain The Notebook, is there? The above two scenes are a couple of my favorites, though I have to say the talk that Allie has with her mom about the man her mother used to love is on up there on the list, as well as the little chat that Allie and Lon have when Allie is trying to decide what to do. Sigh. This is a cry movie.

Love, Actually

One of my favorite romantic comedies. This pairing is one of my favorites from the film and it’s really…heartbreaking, I suppose. It’s hard for me to buy Andrew Lincoln as a zombie killer in the south when I see him in this.

Wait Until Dark

One of my favorite suspense films! It’s excellent and not anything like films you’ll find today. Seek this one out.

Forget Me Not

This one will RIP YOUR HEART OUT. But it’s so good. One of my newer favorites. I love stories that take place in a short period of time. I won’t give away the ending, or what the characters are dealing with because that would ruin it for you, but let me just say that it’s something that’s close to my heart.

Last Night

Speaking of short period of time — Last Night. A woman’s husband goes out of town and a man she loved once shows back up. Combine all this with Eva Mendes wanting to start something with the husband, the husband paying less attention to the wife, and the former love of hers still being in love with her, and all of this colliding on one single day — well, it’s better than you may think. I love this film. The dialogue is exquisite, especially that between Keira Knightly and Guillaume Canet. When he says, “Why aren’t you writing?” Oh goodness. It kills me.